Michael Tsarion, Rosicrucian? (4 of 5)

Michael Tsarion Is he a Rosicrucian? Is that a degree offered by the Scottish Rite of freemasonry? Is their goal the unification of world ... all » religions for their world government? Was he trained to be a "world teacher" by the theosophical society? Like Blavatsky and Crowley? Is his agenda "kind of like" or exactly that of the Illuminati networks?


  1. Johanna Pettit

    I have been a Rosicrucian all my life and I am 76 years old. I did all the degree work. The Rosicrucian Order has nothing to do with Masons except in Europe they used the same lodges and help fight for freedonm in many uprisings and revolutions.
    The Rosicrucian Order does teach in this time period we would need a world government to make it but it must be honest. They also said our biggest problem would be corruption.
    The New World Order used their ideas such as secret society and world government. During World Wars 1 and 11 the Rosicrucians, Martinist and Masons were fighting the Nazis and some were put in concentration camps. They formed an organization with Masons and Martinist for protection from the Nazis. The Germans took over some organizations like the Neocon Martinist.
    The New World Order are a group of very rich familes that want to take over. They pretend to be everything they are not. They hide in governments, religions and secret socities.
    But they are not these things.
    The New World Order says they follow the occult and Rosicrucians follow mysticism. They are opposite beliefs.
    The New World Order says they follow Rosicrucian Fellowship. I have a book in my library that states no Rosiicrucian has belonged to the Fellowship. Two different organizations.

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