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News From New Labour that Peter Mandelson is being proposed for a knighthood, has meant public outrage.
Peter Mandelson Nat Rothschild and Oleg Deripaska were given a damn good naked flogging recently in Siberia, the birching was part of a £500 million business deal to buy aluminium for the EU mainly for chemtrailing exercises for weather modification and population reduction experiments.
Billionaire financier Nat Rothschild admitted Lord Mandelson and Russian industrialist Oleg Deripaska were treated to a damn good joint sado/masochistic beating during the 24-hour visit to Siberia.
Disclosures that Rupert Murdoch regularly taped telephone conversations on Tony Blair at Downing St. revealed John Prescott's crude remark that he should remove a fluffy animal toy on Tony's desk,
"before Lord mandelson pushes it up his bottom"
Remarks about the 3 wise monkeys, and the 3 jewboys were removed from the tapes by newspapers, and this was the joke of the week in the MI5 canteen and about Lord Mandelson's felching activities when he was admitted to a French hospital,
Felching is the gay sport of putting cardboard tubes into a freinds bottom and sliding in small furry animals, the danger is you often cant get them out, and embarrassing visits to Hospitals are then necessary.
Mandelson was then a newly appointed EU trade commissioner, he and Mr Rothschild a financial adviser to Mr Deripaska, then lost a libel action against the Daily Mail over a 2010 article which he claimed painted him as a ‘puppet-master’ who had exploited his personal friendship with the former Labour pervert to "keep it all among the boys"
Both mafia boss Deripaska and loan shark Nat Rothschild denied the Siberia trip for some nice beatings was ‘inappropriate’, despite it including a visit to Mr Deripaska’s aluminium factory ahead of a European Commission decision on aluminium imports to Europe.
Peter Mandelson was later attacked by an anti-perversion protester and green activist and covered with green paint much to the delight of the public who watched it all on the TV news, his use of young bum-boys has constantly been denied by New Labour central office.
The NSA whistleblower David Murphy-Fawkes has revealed the Blairs residence at 22 Arlington St London, was entered and bugged and during the bugging wires were found which were Israeli in origin and believed to be Rupert Murdochs, revealing much on just how low the Blair's opinion of Mandelson really was, Cherie Blair is on record as laughing at Peter Mandelson's appointment as a director to the RSPCC, the Royal Society for the Protection of Children, and saying"
"it was like putting fox in charge of the hen coup"
Dr patel. Doctors Against Racism.


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