Lancaster Bombing War Crimes

written by Kevin John Field.

The Soviet spy and general all round toe rag, Sir Anthony Blunt, claimed in a speech during the queens coronaton in 1952, that the reasons for the British Bomber Command switching targets from military installations and factories to attacking the German civilian population, was that the RAF was made up mostly of Poles Czechs and British upper class hooray-henrys who wanted to give Hitler a bloody nose before it all ended at Christmas, because even the newspapers were saying join up quick as it will all be over by Christmas.

The training for the RAF went right over the heads of the Czechs Poles etc, as most spoke no English, and when they went to bomb Germany were shocked to find the cities defended with many anti-aircraft guns, this meant that many planes took off turned round in the channel dropped their bombs and came home.

There is argument over whether the criminal decision to fire bomb and strafe the people came from Bomber Harris at all as in later life he denied it, Churchill and Lord Rothschild were believed to be the originators of the plan called by Churchill "total war " which was the most horrendous and cowardly crime of the war.

Rothschild as reported by the Daily Herald a leftie newspaper of the time, was alleged to have said he wanted the factories left unbombed as he would demand those after the war in reparations, while Churchill reportedly claimed he did not want to feed and house thousands of German refugees at the wars end and it was easier to just kill them, little mention is made that Hitler asked Churchill again and again for an honorable surrender during the course of the war, and incidentally we paid back the bankers we fought Hitler for, on June 6 2006, 6-6-6, isnt it strange that Hitler threw out the thieving bankers, who then loaned us the money to fight the war for them, and they really made a real packet out of the bloodshed.

My fathers elder brother was in the RAF and said many men were ill with guilt over what they had done, many did not see another war with Germany was necessary at all, but with Russia who had been undermining Britian since the revolution in 1917.
London people suffered greatly during the war, and did not want this monument to commemorate human suffering.

The Bomber command monument was lobbied for by mainly jewish people such as singer Robin Gibb, of whom his roadies said had hundreds of sexual one night stands on his tours, while carrying the AIDS related illness which killed him.


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