John Todd Interview, Occultism, Witchcraft, Human Sacrifice

John Wayne Todd (c. 1950 -- November 10, 2007), also known as "John Todd Collins", "Lance Collins", and "Christopher Kollyns", was a speaker, occultist, and conspiracy theorist who claimed to have been born into a 'witchcraft family' before converting to Christianity (in 1972, by some accounts). He was a primary source for many Chick Publications works against Dungeons & Dragons, Catholicism, Neopaganism, and Christian rock. Although most of his activity was during the 1970s, his claims continue to be spread in some fundamentalist Christian circles.

a) former high-level witch and illuminati and converted Druid Priest. Says that they run the show, have more money than they know what to do with.
b) they will destroy economy or any company whenever they want--money no option. Rothchilds at top communing direct w lucifer.
c) Salem witch trials was actually one group of witches getting rid of another and Christians who were meeting to pray--Christians who pray obstruct the ability of witches to conjure and manipulate demons (see #2 below)
d) we can deduce that the persecution of cathars and the inquisitions and other witch burning pandemics may have had similar roots
e) ufos are demonic (even U.S. govt. w craft it could be argued, are simply occultists working wittingly or not to bring in “end times.”
f) interesting that William Bramley found historic ufo sightings before every major outbreak of the plague in middle ages AND hovering above the vatican.
g) He also says he used to pay off most of the large churches under his jurisdiction. You should see how big my mothers church is now, and how high-tech... looks like someone found a pot of gold... :) and now he has an Israeli flag as big as the American one, front and center of the Church above the alter. It becomes so obvious after a while--Israel is a puppet state to the Rothchild banksters.


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