Interview With An Ex-Vampire

Watch the first hour of Bill Schnoebelen's video:
Interview with an Ex Vampire: A True Story - Part 1

Vampires are REAL!

Forbidden Knowledge, Occult Rituals, Secret Priesthoods, Spells, Luciferian Initiation, Illuminism, Ceremonial Magick, Vampirism.

This was his world : Adept, Occultist, Satanic Priest, Black Magician, Vampire.

Lured into the occult with the quest for knowledge, this nine hour video chronicles the life of an adept in service to the darkest powers of planet earth until saved from a horrible fate.

Discover the preparation, initiation and the "bringing over" of the initiate into the world of true vampirism.

The other-worldly initiation by a being of immense power that claimed him for its own.

The reality of vampires and werewolves and the positions they hold in the dark world of the occult.

The secret priesthood that helped him survive.

The lust and hunger of the true vampire and how it destroys its victims.

And much, more more!

Containing secret, first-hand information that has never before been revealed to the public.

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  1. Tempestas Lingua

    This is ridiculous, bottom line. I am a Vampire and as well as a Satanist. To say that my goal or my lifestyle as both is hurting people and/or society couldn’t be any furthur from the truth. As a vampire, if I were unbalanced or unstable then by default I would be a burden to humanity, but doesn’t that hold true with anyone who is an insecure or weak individual? Isn’t that what you are doing with your underlying fear of us? By actively saying that we are out simply to do bad things to men and women is outrageous and based on your own lack to balance and find your own niche as a postive productive person on a personal and social level is doing the very thing you claim to act against. Either that or you just want attention. Satanists aren’t out to eat your children or to participate in crime, and if they do, they are very unenlightned as Satanists. Your “info” is purely the same deterioration of the mind that is much like the false information of xtianty or other strutures built to instill fear and control.

  2. David Stratton

    Tempestas Lingua, it sounds like you are deeply involved with some of the appendant bodies of Freemasonry. Whether you are a mason yourself or not, you are deeply ensnared in their trap. Now before you tell me I’m a weak-minded Christian, would you do me the very great favor of watching one or two of Walter Veith’s video lectures about the masons and the new world agenda?

    I want you to know that I am going to be praying for you in the name of Jesus Christ who was crucified for our sins that we may live as men and women freed from death. I pray that He will show you, in the fullness of time, the true intentions of the people running your religion and that you will come to know that it is a yoke upon you, not a means whereby enlightenment can be attained. I pray that you will find the truth, and that that truth will set you free. And most of all, I pray that the sin of drinking blood will be forgiven you, because in Leviticus God minces no words when he says that drinking blood is an abomination. That word is used only 6 times in the Bible. I suggest you heed it well.

    God save you from the path you are walking and lead you to the light of heaven. Amen.

  3. Em

    I used to get these strange visions too when i was young. At 5 years old I was laying on my bed when i saw a couple standing over me. Glowing like a light bulb, pale white skin, very youthful looking. The glowing beings seems to run in my family. My mother, and my grandmother have been visited by the same glowing beings. Human-looking so i can’t say they are aliens.
    I went through a witchcraft phase when i was a teenager. Got over it when i went to university and studied astronomy and science. Now I am somewhat normal. Though I been getting ESP experiences since i turned 26. and just recently i had a dream i was out of my body and some person very seductive bit me on the neck. Weird so that’s why i am here watching vampires and all that stuff.

    I seriously think that this guy though is nuts and has lost the plot when he turned 12. I wonder why his parents never snapped him out of it. Like there is a world around us we can’t see that does exist and even scientist can prove this but if you see a dark shadow you don’t go tell the world it’s ‘evil’ or ‘satanic’ or ‘occult’ bullshit. you don’t give it names. See this is what’s wrong with you people! You give names to everything! assuming you know the truth. But trust me you don’t.

  4. Zodiak from LA

    Yo.I dont know where to start,but I saw first hand that Vampires are Real.I am still confused and unsure if Mason’s are Vampires pretending to be Human pretending to be Vampires or what.But they have the speed,power and intelligence of a seperate being.I feel i have been hunted,drivin to insanity and Harvested from birth thru a Coven of some sort of Wolves,vamps,aliens i dont know.
    I died on an operation table in 05 and came back with out my teeth,man,i dont even know what to say..Vampires are real,they do good as well as bad,and i am TIRED. Until my time comes to either join,or Die I will continue making ill music for the world..zodiak killa

  5. Alex

    I’m not siding with anyone, but David if the Bible prohibits people from drinking blood than explain John 6:54: Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life. The dying and resurrection of Jesus Christ contains some very vampire-like qualities.

  6. me

    Hi David, i’m not sure if you’ll read this.. hope you will but every, every but then i mean EVERY word you said to tempastas you should repeat while looking in a mirror.. for it is the same with actualy EVERY religion.. for al it does is indoctrinate you.. no matter what beliefs you hold true..

  7. Ernie

    True vampirism is a sect of satanism, and yes the deepest agendas is hurting people. Satan hates God, hates Jesus of Nazareth, and hates EVERYONE in creation. So yes, what people do in ANY cult is deceptive connections to the one true enemy.

  8. lol??

    lol…. u people r so pathetic… u “think” ur a vampire?? how long have u been undead? r u pure? infected? if Tempestas Lingua is a “vampire” then he/she wouldnt b in a forum, they would b out there doing what vamps do best instead of mis leading. unless they r advertising for blood. if they were a real vamp. they would know forums are used as a means to control the more intelligent humans who are as we all r connected to the system. vamps would not be fooled by our system designed and controlled by the illuminati. they would be on there side… in turn.. would never admit to being a real vamp.. satanism is for weak minded people who look daily for attention.. get a life dude. vampire.. pah..

  9. real

    Eat of my flesh Jesus Christ ment think of him threw eating crackers. Drink of my blood ment. Wine dummies. Jesus spoke in codes. He didnt eat peoplemean

  10. melvin

    you know why all religions sound the same mybe its because what they say might be true idiots and there my not be a better why to say idiot all you non religion people are stupid you just want somebody to care about your ugly asses you know if you dont get it then just shut the fuck up and die god nor true religion people need you around and by the way people thats talking about people not being a real vampire on here well how the fuck will you know what the hell a reall vampire would be doing anyway other than what you seen on a dam human made movie like blad or twilight idiots

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