By Kevin John Field 30 December 2011 10:12

The economic situation in Britain was so dire that no one wanted the Huge Olympic white elephant with a shelf life of a fortnight', an large old established London community had to be demolished with many homes and businesses just flattened.

The lack of British interest has been so noticeable that many unsold tickets have had to be given away as prizes, and millionaire Lakshmi Mittal was given 5000 free tickets as a gift, as were many show biz celebrities.

British people know that it is not about games but about division and racism, the fact that the zionist logo was used is proof, with its appalling record of hate crimes in Palestine and the occupied territories, the last thing Britian wanted was Zionist jingoism and flag waving, with many British cities now almost totally Muslim Hindu and Sikh, this was a real slap in the face for them and threatens to ignite the already problematic failures of Multiculturalism, the fact that while the government had British builders on the dole it imported in foreign workers to build the stadium, angered many people, this betrayal by government with its original £9.3 billion estimate already soaring to £17 billion, will mean huge rates and tax rises on the British people, for so called games they don't want, Londoners have long memories and people have not forgotten Tonies Dome, the Peter Mandelson Millenium Dome fiasco which wasted £ 800 million.
The games were won with bribery and trickery, with support from the Murdoch press, so disgusted were people with this that that the newspaper boycott resulted in the collapse of the NWO scandal sheet The News Of The World.

London rail and bus terminals realized they could not cope and millions have been spent reworking stations, London commuters claim they will not be able to get to work during this period and will stay home, the alternative Glastonbury pop festival has received so many millions of applications for people anxious to avoid the capital during this period, that it had to cancel for 2012.

The number of security people for the games is being increased to 23,000, along with 12,000 police and 6000 soldiers, and many of these will be foreign nationals, the government said a warship will be deployed in the River Thames with surface to air missiles on standby.

The involvement of so many Israelis leads people to ask will there be another 9/11 US Liberty or 7/7 false flag attack ?

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