Chemtrail’s 100-Day Cough Global Illness

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As 2013 began in England the whole country seemed to go down with a new cough and new symptoms,
but in 2012 simultaneously Britain and the USA, in Australia and New Zealand experienced a lengthy period of chronic chest infections, the countries of Britian America and New Zealand are now experiencing epidemic proportions of these chest infections, chronic coughing and asthmatic episodes.
Doctors surgeries across Britian have been inundated with breathing impaired lung conditions, which are quite different from anything reported previously, and are very dangerous for both the elderly and the very young.
Medical workers are collectively referring to the occurrence of this new cough as“The Hundred day cough” and are forbidden to call it the chemcough.
Thousands of city workers and even schoolchildren are experiencing this hundred day cough and/or an exacerbation of their Asthma symptoms.
The Drug companies are well aware of this recent phenomena and increasing their Asthma medication advertisements, whenever people are suffering the Pharmaceutical manufacturers can sniff out a profit, especially from a new variation in an illness
Experts can diagnose where it began, but when like this it began with identical symptoms in diferent countries at the same time, rumour has it that this is not an ordinary illness, but one mnufactured so people will buy the medication to counter it.
The coughs vary between a wet type or a dry irritating cough depending upon their diet and lifestyle, they come with excess mucous a deep wheeze, lethargy brain fog and physical impairment which can last almost 3 months.

The cause is quite simple – Chemtrails. The Aluminum Oxide contained within the aerosol cargo is extremely irritating to the mucous membrane lining of the throat and the lungs. Throw in the added Barium Oxide, Fluoride, Strontium Oxide, Iron Oxide and any other constituent the perpetrators care to add per load and you have an attacked Respiratory and Immunity System.
The Northern Hemisphere in particular has been reaching the peak of their Respiratory and Immunity problems, but now China is being attacked, a double whammy for the Global Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies, while the Northern Hemisphere is reaching the peak in sales the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and the United States are lining the coffers and coffins of the drug companies, this cocktail of poisons rained down on us kills all farmfood vegetables except GM foods which are aluminum resistant.
We cannot say why the Global Elite perpetrators of the Chemtrails are working to lower Respiratory and Immunity Systems but they are still the cause, be it for Geo-engineering purposes or whatever, and of course these perpetrators are linked to the Pharmaceutical Industry by company shares or direct ownership, as are doctors, NHS and hospital workers are forbidden
to discuss the reasons behind this epidemic, but please protect your lungs and consult with a suitably qualified Natural Health Practitioner and Improve your Immunity, a large cycling club near me is selling chemtrail masks like hot cakes, and the salesman said many buyers actually are health profession workers, look after your health and strength of our bodies – do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and have a good diet etc.
T Stokes London


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