The Church of England has been riven to the core with recent arguments over whether to allow homosexual priests, the old Bible teaching has been ignored and homosexuality has been allowed provided they are not 'actively so'
but how would they know either way ?
The Catholic church has almost been bankrupted with so much financial payments to abused boys, the Christian Family Monitor said; 'The Choirboys Scandal is at last out of the closet' and in the Vatican city age of consent for boys is just 12 so sexually corrupt is Catholicism, and stories of horrific abuse in Catholic orphanages are pretty much the norm.
Jewish child abuse is as widespread if not more so than the others, but with their own court system and the Rabbinical control of newspapers, ( Robert Maxwell Rupert Murdoch etc ) these stories are always stifled inhouse.
But the religion which is the most tainted with homosexuality is Spiritualism, where many churches will not have heterosexual mediums on their platforms, in fact the spiritualists newspaper the Psychic News was taken to court by its only heterosexual employee for harassment, the judge awarded damages but with a gagging order, and homosexual boys are fast tracked to become mediums.
The encouragement of homosexuals as mediums preists and vicars has been a trend noticed by many, and the take over of the main Christian churches by homosexuals has not been a coincidence.
British politians recently voted to reduce the age of consent for boys down to 16 but wanted it lowered to 14, now 14 year old boys do not want sexual contact with old men, but many old men want contact with young boys, Prime Minister Edward Heath, Liberal leader Jeremy thorpe and many in Tony Blairs Government were all sexually interested in young boys.

This trend in outright Heterophobia is not confined to Britain, because the USA has been experiencing this same formula, in its effort to destroy family values, it has been reported on several US websites that George Bush Jnr had 'bumboy' parties actually at the white House for his gay staff, and the US army recently got orders to promote Homosexuals before Heterosexuals in the way it used to with ethnic minorities.

The chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Julie Spence was too good at her job and was replaced last year for Operation Radium, the closing down of 119 immigrant run mafia brothels in neighbouring counties, meant many foreign young boys had to be taken into protective custody, the Childrens minister in charge of all Britians Childrens care Homes, Margaret Hodge, ( Oppenheimer )
sat quietly while scandal after scandal in Boys homes across the country was swept under the carpet, as many of those using these boys were national figures.

The entertainment industry has perhaps been pushing homosexuals most vigorously and such people as 'Boy George' among others, actually have police convictions for abuse, and the US TV and the British BBC have been giving priority to homosexual candiates for employment above those normally sexed applicants, in fact the most obvious place where we see homosexuality flaunted is in soaps where now suddenly across the world we see 'gay' story lines.
So where will it end ? we already see politicians wanting pedophilia down graded as a crime, and child abuse decriminalised and normalised.
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