by Barry Chamish

A minor industry exists in the Jewish world to create legends about Jonathan Pollard, one of which is his loyal wife Esther is fighting for his release. All was going well until Pollard's wife Ann came to town and spilled the beans. The following article in Yediot Ahronot paints Ann as disturbed and greedy, just the type of wife who would have enjoyed the good life and encouraged Jonathan to spy some more to keep it going.
Ignoring her sad plight, she made two notable points. One is that Netanyahu personally arranged her immigration to Israel, with all that this implies. Her second lucid point is that she never received divorce papers from Jonathan, meaning they are still married.,7340,L-4108470,00.html

Pollard, however, tells a different story. She claims that even before contacting the consul she tried to reach out for help through the Israeli embassy, but was "thrown out on the street." Pollard insists that she was brought to Israel only after Netanyahu intervened, but states that she has not been looked after since.

"Referring to her relationship with her estranged husband she says she has never been granted an official divorce and is unable to reach him on the phone."

Ann Pollard was never divorced from Jonathan!! When he married Esther, Jonathan knew it and that makes him a bigamist. That is, if he actually married Esther. There is no proof that he did.

We Don't Blame Jonathan"
by Ronen Bergman

(Reprinted from the Haaretz}

Jonathan's sister Carol Pollard: "This woman visited Jonathan one time and announced that she is engaged. I think it is very strange, because she announced this to he media and not to his family. I asked Jonathan on the phone whether this was true and he laughed. The next time she went to visit Jonathan she came back with this story about a wedding. I inquired at the prison and discovered that no such wedding took place. Since then, she photographed Jonathan and herself at the prison a few times at different intervals. Each time she reported that these pictures were taken at their wedding, even though she is wearing different clothes in each picture."

Joe Miko, assistant manager to the federal prison in Batner, where Pollard is being held, told "Ha'aretz" that there is no documentation of any wedding that took place concerning prisoner Pollard: " If a prisoner wishes to get married with religious rites, he must formerly put in such a request to the prison's chaplain . This includes also Jewish prisoners. If he gets permission, a wedding is organized by us. In the security framework of the prison there is no possibility of holding such a wedding without our permission or without our knowledge. Also a civil marriage requires a permit. Every wedding is recorded in the prison's records and is documented, according to US law, including the archives of Batner's court house."
Eileen Zeitz reacts angrily to these words: "We had a completely Jewish wedding. The prison officials offered us also a civil marriage, but we turned them down. We are Jewish and we got married according to the Jewish Halacha. We had a rabbi at the wedding as well as two witnesses."

Amnon Dror: "I met Jonathan a short time after the wedding. He told me he got married. I congratulated him and wished him well. I asked whether there was a rabbi and witnesses. Jonathan pointed to the heavens."

It appears that Esther used the Yigal Amir trick to get married. Somewhere there is an ancient formula for a couple to marry themselves if they say a prayer or two. If Jonathan entered his nuptials that way then he lied to God about his unresolved marriage to Ann. If so, he should have pointed to the ground and not to the heavens.
Jonathan Pollard will never be released because there is not a modicum of honesty in his plight. Every publicity stunt arranged by "wife" Esther is dishonest. Recall her tearful campaign to have Jonathan temporarily released to attend his father's recent funeral. The truth, she cut Jonathan off from his father years before and he despised her for it. More from the Bergman piece in Haaretz:

Dr. Morris Pollard: "It was I, to my great regret, who assisted in their acquaintance. Three years ago, she wrote me a letter requesting of me to set up a meeting between her and Jonathan. I wanted to get to know this wonderful woman who was interested in my son's well-being. I spoke to her on the phone and invited her out to our home. She refused. I offered to pay for her expenses to come and she still refused. Maybe I should have realized back then that there is something strange about this woman. On the telephone she was all sweetness, and would phone us very often. She succeeded in persuading me to put an effort in promoting her case. I turned to my friends in congress and they obtained for her an entrance pass to the prison. From the moment she first entered the prison walls, we no longer heard from her. She cut off all contact with us."
And the marriage? "Of the marriage to my son, I learned from others, not from her", says Dr. Pollard. "About two years ago I called her and asked if there is anything we can do to help. She said that she is taking care of Jonathan and that is was none of my business."

To get Jonathan a pass to attend Morris' funeral, "wife" Esther visited Pres. Shimon Peres to beg for his intervention with the Americans. Allow me to interrupt and add, I have done as much as anyone can honestly do for Pollard. Shortly after his arrest, I wrote the first article arguing for clemency in Long Island Newsday. Years later I was paid to find out why all efforts to reduce Pollard's sentence have failed. After much hard research I found the answer. The whole process is recorded in my book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust at lulu books But I'm prepared to give the punchline to you.
     The Prime Minister when Pollard was spying in '84-'85 was Shimon Peres. Peres read Pollard's data looking for a way to exploit it personally. He found a one-off American arms for hostages operation and expanded the concept by blackmailing VP George Bush. The result became known as Iran Contra. Peres' personal envoy in the scam, Amiram Nir was about to testify to a Congressional Committee about Peres' involvement but was murdered days before his scheduled appearance. The last thing Peres would desire is Pollard's freedom.
And that is who "wife" Esther publicly appealed to so "hubby" Jonathan would attend the funeral of a father she had cut out of his life years before.
I want Jonathan out so he can stand in court and face bigamy charges. Esther could rescue him just by showing her marriage license. Except she doesn't have one.
And the endless deceit will assure that in the near or far future, Jonathan will see the end behind prison bars.



by author P. Murphy

Barry Chamish was contacted by an Italian television outfit to go on camera and talk about Israel.  Barry invited them to interview him at his home in Florida; to his amazement, they agreed.  They brought the crew to him.

Knowing the nature of media manipulation, Barry had the presence of mind to request that his producer tape the whole interview, documentary-style.  They agreed.

Many famous people have had the experience of spending hours being interviewed by a TV reporter who seems to understand, who spends the whole interview affecting sympathetic encouragement--which leads to the expectation of a fair and favorable presentation.  And then to watch in horror when what gets broadcast to the world is a distilled down, a three minute hit job that makes him look like the kind of person only Charles Manson could love.  Wouldn't that famous person wish he had an unedited, fly-on-the-wall film of the original interview--and an extensive email list of fans to offer it to?  Barry is a genius: whatever they do to Barry's performance, we can all know the truth of what REALLY happened that day.

What happened was this: Barry was able to give his best quick overview of the history of his research, ever.  The canned, predictable, misinformed issues the interviewer brought up, Barry swatted down like flies.  The guy seems a little stunned, too, because, he obviously thought the talking points he was operating by were unquestionably true.  It's kind of funny, actually.  Barry's readers, for instance, know there's lots of factions of "orthodoxy" in Israel, and that there are many visions of "zionism", and all the holders of these various views are in opposition to one another.  The Italian interviewer did not expect this, and had no idea how to respond to the strange, complex, Israel Barry was describing, in light of what he thought he already knew.  Think of growing up watching wonderful movies on a very small, black and white TV, and then being told those movies were filmed in technicolor and cinemascope, intended to be seen on a 100 foot wide screen.

Of course, Barry is terribly honest about the horrible history of political leadership in Israel, but he's unfailingly supportive of the country itself.  How can these Italian television people square that circle?  Barry's not anti-zionist, but his heart bleeds for the vast majority in Israel's middle class who have been impoverished in recent years, even as the few elite families have become even more fabulously wealthy.  Will these Italians have the courage to tell THAT story?  Barry is very critical of Israel, but in a way so different from the one the world is accustomed to hearing that it will be difficult for them to comprehend.  Everything they thought they knew about Israel's faults is wrong, and Israel's ACTUAL faults are things they had no idea of.  Will they have the integrity to report this?

No matter, not so far as I'm concerned.  In the end, what we have is Barry, and his fabulous way of setting the story straight, all on tape.  It's there, set down for the ages.  And, side-by-side, soon, we'll have the evidence of the choices the Italians' editors make, to see how well truth-telling can change preconceived notions.  This will be fun.

So my advice is to buy the DVD, watch it, and delight in seeing accurate history presented to people who have no idea how to respond when it contradicts what they already think is true.  And best of all, somehow, this process forced Barry to keep on track, never too long down rabbit trails, because the surprised interviewer keeps asking Barry to explain how what he just said can possibly be true, given the fact that everyone in the world thinks something else.  This makes for a great Barry Chamish lecture, but as easy going as a chat on his living room couch--which is, in fact, what it is.  It's like being there.

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