Barry Chamish Italio Television Interview

by Barry Chamish

Three months ago, a major European television production house contacted me. They wanted to interview me for their production of a documentary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I was suspicious when they agreed to send a crew from Rome to Florida for the task. Am I worth the trouble and expense? This had to be an elaborate hoax, I thought, until I received phone calls from the crew arranging the details of the interview. It was during the final stages that I requested my own film crew of one, my webmaster Steven Henry, to be permitted to film the making of their film. Surprisingly, they said yes.
Fearing pressure on them to delete me in the final cut, I'm not going to mention the name of the production house. It's probably a futile strategy since those who have wanted me hushed for years will track them down and threaten them. If not, early next year, my life's work will be known throughout the EU, if not beyond. This was a career interview but if I am cut, Steven made a wonderful and dramatic film of his own which is now an intensely revealing DVD. The reaction after the first showings is this is my greatest DVD ever. On top of the DVD, Steven took 168 still photos of the filming and they are all on one CD.
I was ready for the interview. I ordered the crew copies of three of my books; Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, Bye Bye, Gaza, and Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust. And I skillfully and naturally included the main points of each in the interview. On the DVD, you can see in the faces of the crew, Francesco, (Frank), Ruben and Giorgia, shocked confusion when I expounded at sound bite length on the Transfer Agreement, the Ringworm Children, the Dayan-Kissinger sabotage of the Yom Kippur War, the complicity of Shimon Peres in the demises of Rabin and Sharon, on Sabbataianism...In short, I said, the founders of Israel possess profound human sins, but not against the Arabs. Their suffering victims were the Jewish people.
To them, it sounded like all this was deep criticism of Zionism from an Israeli. So it must be good stuff for the anti-Israelis. In fact, what I said was only for the good of the Jews.
My criticism was of the Labor Zionist "peacemakers," whose goals succeeded in dividing Israel's land and its people, while hurtling its citizens into the horribly likely prospect of a new Holocaust.
My conscience is fish belly, lily white, clean.
Steven's filmed DVD doesn't remotely resemble what will become the final tv version. It is about the making of the film. It begins with me setting up for the shooting by talking about the expulsion of Gaza's Jews, while Ruben arranged my Hannukia, or Hannuka menorah, to be a Jewish symbol in background of the camera. Forget that it was another six months until Hannuka, it's there whether religiously appropriate or not.Their audience won't know the difference. I ask Ruben if he knows what his name means in Hebrew, He thinks it's a ray of light. "Nope," I answer, "Ruben is Ra'oo Ben, they see a son." If there is significance in that, it's lost on him and me. It is me telling Francesco that if I don't know a subject, I'll tell him and he will shut down his line of questioning. It is me offering to perk Giorgia a cup of coffee. And when the interview starts, the camera focuses as much on the stunned reactions of the crew, as me.
The first question was a given to the crew, and I specifically prepared for it. Why did Israel expel the Palestinians? So I shpieled about the 500,000 Palestinians versus the 800,000 Jews expelled from Arab lands beginning in 1948, with all their properties confiscated, but unlike the Arabs who left their refugees homeless, the Jews sheltered their's. It was the standard explanation but clearly, the crew had never heard it before. Then came the standard post-WW1 imperialism explanation, which saw practically every Middle East nation restocked with allies of the largely Anglo-American overlords; the family of ibn Saud took over Arabia, the Arabian Hashemites were given Jordan and Iraq as second place prizes and on and on. Israel was just another new nation created by the Europeans, so why pick on Israel? These arguments are so basic, obvious and by now old hat boring and have nothing to do with my unique research. But it was brand new news to the Italians in my midst.
Inevitably, came the questions that had formed the working model of the screenplay. The nasty Mossad, who I just called a bunch of boobs who get caught and exposed as often as they secretly succeed. "If the Mossad was so powerful," I asked, "Why has Israel's diplomatic posture sunk so low?"
Next came Israel's Russians, who supposedly have taken over the land. Curtly, I added, "The Russians arrived en masse after 1990. They are immigrants. You'll have to wait a generation before they are comfortable enough to gain political power. Of the few who have, I focus on Natan Sharansky. "The Russians don't support him. No gulag prisoner recalls seeing him and unlike them, he was exchanged in a publicized spy exchange. They know he is not to be trusted."
Then, the crew's prepared questions hit a snag. Now came a line of questioning about Israel's diamond industry. Since DeBeers and the diamond sellers control the greater share of Israel's revenue, they must be behind the Zionists' criminal corruption. I put a stop to this line of query. "Francesco, if you want an explanation, fly to Johannesburg. DeBeers is not Israeli, it's South African."
No more of this this dead end.
Then I lecture. "People, you're dealing in stereotypes. You think Zionists are all of one stripe? In fact, there are religious, Right and Labor Zionists, and seemingly endless sub-strains of Zionists who despise each other. You think the Mossad is a ubiquitous super-spy organization? I knew people who were in the Mossad and they are far from supermen. They make dumb mistakes just like all of us. Factually, Israel is economically controlled by a small group of felonious families who all support "peace." And they murder to get their way."
Which led to the finale. Document by document, in as clear and camera quick an explanation as I could give, I explained how Yitzhak Rabin was murdered.
Little by little, the crew was convinced. Francesco had to ask, "Why did Peres murder him?"
"Simple." I replied. "Rabin wanted out of "his" peace."


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