A freind who is an OAP who can only walk short distances with a stick went to see relatives last week in Doncaster Yorkshire last week, after a rainstorm he noticed two official looking men walking behind him as he smoked a cigarette on his walk back from the shops, after finishing his ciggy he bent down and put the butt down a roadside drain, it was only as the two men grabbed him he realised they were folowing him to see what he did with the butt, he was fined on the spot £75 which was close to the total he had in the bank.
Many towns in Britian now like Doncaster cannot go for real criminals because of political correctness, and having to balance Foreign/British black/white prosecutions, this allows mugging gangs free reign in our town centres, house burglaries mean most times the police do not even come out of the nice warm  police station any more, the police may not go for real crimes but they now go for cigarette smokers litter droppers and people allowing thier dogs to fowl.
Other categories openy targetted are motorists and young skate boarders.a pocice insider said that inner city thugs and problem families are being deliberately moved into council houses in villages, this is so governments can say their policy has lowered crime in the cities! its been going on since Blair was in power, as apparently pretty little villages in Devon where crime was virtually unheard of are now becoming crime hot spots!
He knew of one case where a toerag was caught trying to nick a stereo out of a car, in a Devon village. He was caught and when he spoke he had a Tyneside accent!  he was one of many that had been moved,  messrs Blair and Cameron and their fellow bunch at Westminster are the real criminals!
Police were heavily criticised recently for ignoring Asian gangs targetting young vulnerable English girls for years, until the situation became intolerable, political correctness also means the part of Inner London where i live is a tourist zone, but public toilets are closed outside office hours, police say that gays use them for casual sex, they are not alowed to intervene so have the toilets close, this means that tourists have to go in alleyways.
 A recent politician called the police "Plebs" plebs is short for Plebians which  comes from ancient Rome and means someone who is vulgar coarse or common and from the lower classes.
British police have lost the support of the public afer targetting the public with violent attacks, killing a newagent walking home, shooting the Brazilian lad Jean Charles de Menezes and other stupid blunders.
PIC British police.
The sliding of crimes across from one category to lesser ones is just one example of official dishonesty, others showing police racism is that we have a black and Asian police assoc, a black lawyers and solicitors assoc, a gay Lesbian and transgender police assoc, but we are told any associations for white policemen are racist, work that one out !
We recently had in Britian the chance to vote for a Police cheif, the official candidate A or the official candidate B, most people relsied what a farce this was and either abstained or put Mickey Mouse on the ballot paper,one official said To Russia TV, " good job Mickey Mouse was not runing he would have won it hands down "
Many people do not realise but all voting papers are numbered, and the police have been monitoring who you vote for over some time, and if you do not vote for the official three parties candidate, your name will go on a blacklist as happened to the couple who voted UKIP, this can mean further down the line being labelled as a domestic terrorist and not allowed  goverment employment, to foster children, and it may affect your mediacl and later pension rights, and if you disagree with homosexuals being allowed to marry or muticulturalism, you could also be in big trouble later on. 
The security for the London Olympic games was a complete farce, several newspaper reporters breached the athletes zone to chat with the athletes, we are told by insiders Al Quaeda does not really exist and its really a CIA/Mosad/MI5 frontto bring in repressive new laws.
The British bobby has been gradually replaced with army style heavy handed armed units, under Tony Blair the remit for the police was changed from protecting the public to defence against terror, so real crime on our streets is largely ignored.
The Russian mafia boss Ivan Lukaszewski has implented for £2 a week Russian street patrols in high crime areas, many of these men do not speak English but they have helped cut down on many street crimes.
The real reason that our police are slowly being disbanded is to bring in the Israeli G4S security to patrol our streets, they have an awful name in Palestine and  this will be a "pay as you go" what this means is that they will function from the fines they make, so people will be fined on the street and the suggestion is that anyone and everyone will be vulnerable to make up fine moneys, The British public have constantly said "The British police are no longer fit for purpose" and to watch you are not attacked on the underground and shot 7 times in the head, this looks increasingly likely with Israelis doing our police work.



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