Ancient Belief Systems Pt 6 – Jordan Maxwell

Ancient Belief Systems
A fascinating look at the influence of astrology and ancient belief systems on modern-day religions.
Throughout history, man has been influenced by various beliefs. Wars have been waged over differences of faith, and as armies and traders moved from culture to culture, they transported their ideologies to people in distant lands.

What are some of those beliefs and how have they impacted other religions? This program examines these ancient mysteries through the study of religion as influenced by Astrotheology the worship of the heavens and examines how ancient belief systems have influenced Christianity and Judaism.

* Discover the stellar god (from the stars), the lunar god (from the moon), and the god El (from Saturn) and how they have influenced various religions.

* Examine the Bible's astrological and Hindu references.

* Gain new insights into Biblical passages that refer to the "end of the world." Study numerous references that illustrate the meaning to be the "end of an age" as in the movement from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius in the Zodiac.

The information contained in this video is powerful, thought-provoking and unique a must-see for anyone interested in the roots of modern religion


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