How do i go about joining the illuminati, Bilderbergers and other secret societies so i can control the world?


I 'm getting bored in my life, and I need more power and i need to control the world.
Will the Illuminati and Bilderbergers and all those other secret societies accept me, and let me have a high rank?

If so, who can I talk to for an interview?


  1. Maverick

    They call you, you don’t call them. Become somebody important to their cause and they will find you. However, they will watch and control you and your actions. You will control nothing. You have several ways for them to take notice. 1) You will can enter at ground level by running for mayor or something small to work your way up to governor. 2) get into Yale or something like that and study to become a lawyer or judge or something important like that. 3) Become filthy rich which will give you power to take control of something. 4) Work your way up to become the head of a mainstream media outlet.

  2. allen.rench

    It’s all relative.
    As in you have to be related to someone already in it to get in, or marry into it.
    I married into it and I feel the power!!

  3. Alea S

    1. Be a shape-shifting reptilian. Do you know about the reptiles? Marry one if you like scales and slithering.
    2. Be rich.
    3. Be successful in politics.
    4. Become an actor/actress.

    Good luck!

  4. Lord Percy Wooster IV

    i have just reviewed your life
    and well frankly
    you haven’t done well
    we looked at you as a person and you did even worse

    sorry on behalf of te illuminati we don’t want you, in fact we cant figure out why you want to live

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