Debt Cures by Kevin Trudeau – Part 3

DebtCures asked: For Part 1 For Part 2: In Kevin Trudeau's Debt Cures They Don't Want You To Know About, Kevin exposes what he terms The Greatest Ripoff of American Citizens in our Nations History. He shows how the Federal Government is in bed with the credit...


  1. drygnfyre

    @cne08 Couldn’t agree more… Kevin Trudeau is talking about “scams” and claiming that the cure for them is to buy his books, which are also scams…

    Not sure how many people know this, but Trudeau is a convicted felon who has been to jail twice. Almost every infomercial he has ever been involved in has ultimately been taken off the air due to false claims. Trudeau, though he continues to deny it, has essentially been banned from selling all products other than his books.

  2. stouter2386

    @PYChamp dont believe me google the international pool tour or search it on here youll see what im talking about.

  3. Jamesecampbell

    This guy is an idiot! how can anyone believe anything this moron says, go look up his name on rip off report dot com

  4. MrLoveallhatenone

    @PYChamP someone is in a bad mood. cool down, if you like to get ripped off by frauds like Kevin tradeau , I say go for it.. but with a smile on your face.. meanwhile wash your mouth with some of the nature cure he might have suggested in his other books

  5. stouter2386

    @pychamp, this guy stole around 100,000 from pool players. He started a bogus pool league called the ipt. International Pool Tour, promising the industry that he would change the game and he would do great things for them but when it was time for him to pay up he ran away with everyones money like hes doing with these “books” of his

  6. PYChamP

    @cne08 no he went to jail cause the government didnt like htat he was telling the ppl what is true …i suggest you stfu if you dont even know your facts you stupid idiotic fuck

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