Alex Jones asks David Gergen about Bohemian Grove Rituals

W3AzLe asked: Check the Stupid Reaction of David Gergen about the Questions from Alex Jones -3:0 for Alex go go go! (With German SUBS)


  1. lebiew

    @freakoutguitarsolo1 And you are part of the problem. Name calling. homophobia. Trying to separate people into catagories. This puts man aganist each other and defeats the goal but the Gov knows this and uses it to there advantage.

  2. freakoutguitarsolo1

    everything is way more fucked up than what alex tells us man, alex is a shill

  3. freakoutguitarsolo1

    fake fake fake fake fake
    you can’t film in there or photograph, it is a grove rule. this is fake, and so is jones’ movies. it’s not fucking Molech, and they actually hve gay satanic orgies in the grove, jones is prob a fag too,

  4. ThingsTerrestrial

    Fascist senior C.F.R. member Ted Kennedy spent 47 years destroying the U.S.’s industrial base in order to obliterate the wealth of middle-class families. He had always come down on the side of international bankers, drug cartels & all of those wonderful Bohemian Grove members who have designs to consolidate armies, fiat currency & power to usher in the nightmarish world that George Orwell wrote of in his novel “1984.”

  5. Brewchief2002

    I had to watch this twice. I really like how rattled Alex gets Gergen, like the way I would feel seeing a pack of wild dogs tear these sorry bastards apart!

  6. Brewchief2002

    “Weaving spiders come not here” Alex says to him (a reference to bohemia club’s motto). Ironic considering all they are are a bunch of sinister web-weaving villains. Good job Jones.

  7. lastigeleipo

    though it seems the only way to get any real news these days, anything else is mostly propaganda

  8. tgillspy

    Sick rituals of darkness among the ancient of trees to worship an owl as they fall on their knees This new order cult the priest utters his breath possessed from the region of demons and death.. Hear this and know this Jesus is Lord and the Christ he is King, salvation is offered and new life he does bring………resist the order be strong in the Lord ephesians 6 kjv

  9. KenzoTenma

    When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

  10. libbie7777

    @BlitzAce322 I totally agree Love it . these devil worshippers new world order traitors have to be confronted exposed and thrown the heck out the country.

  11. OPL21stJS

    May god bless that fat guy 4 discovering and putting that tape in the web. Lol and the part where he said ” wat about the ritual”

  12. maqrux

    “nobody sets policy in there” he says with regards to the Bohemian Grove, but anyone not born yesterday know that that’s not how communities work, they make decisions like we all do with respect to their family, their friends, and their community which here is shown to be a sick cult.

  13. thundersnake1


    I have read about all this stuff, and I admit the evidence is very interesting and convincing, but there are also other ways to look at it. Remember that the only reason people know so much about a conspiracy theory is that they are apart of it in some way. You do not think that they bought Alex Jones or Ron Paul? You would have to think so if you were a true conspiracy theorist.

  14. pmsan29


    Google BCCI, PNAC, the Iran-contra scandal and Operation Northwoods.

    If you refute this evidence you are deeply in denial and their is no saving you.

  15. thundersnake1


    I dont know much about Kissinger, but for Bush, he isn’t on trial because he did not commit any war crimes. He protected our Nation from terrorism after 9/11 the best way he saw fit. Now if you conspiracy theorists are correct, you would need better evidence. Because you can make a conspiracy out of anything. That is kind of like asking why didn’t go on Truman on trial for war crimes?

  16. pmsan29

    @thundersnake1……Why isnt Kissinger on Trial for war crimes? Why isnt Bush tryed as a war criminal for 9/11? Hmmmmm

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