How can I get my psychic abilities back and make them stronger?

psychic spy

Because the reason why I said that is because even since my mom say "do you know having psychic powers is like spying" and it was about my dad toughing me too. and she get real scare when I told her I have a psychic ability and she said "it's all in your head Jamila" then when I said when I have a deja vu she said "no you don't it's all in your head Jamila." and I said I seen this and I was right and she gets scare and say the same thing to me. In addition, one of my visions showed that one of my son's will have special powers like mines.
when I was young I use to call them clips a write them down (only one) and when I was even younger like 5, 6 I didn't call them anything I just look at them and question about them and I didn't told nothing not even my mom.
What should I do? I know that they are real. Because they came out like a white burr and it's like a bad TV station but you can still hear the sound as good as possible. In addition, come above my four head and should I write this down, record it, or draw it? To make it stronger
Thanks ta-ta!


  1. Ladybug

    If you start writing it and then people start seeing that you are right, then they’ll believe you. There’s a lot of people faking to be “psychic”
    So if you’re the real deal, prove it (by writing it)

  2. Shaderian

    I myself have a bit of psychic power in me, not really sure what the technical term is to describe it because i don’t research these things because it seemed like people would believe me less if they found out that i was just daydreaming about stuff i read about. using your powers is like much any other exercise, the only thing is the level of difficulty depends on how much you know. literally, challenging yourself like quiz trivia, playing memory games, and IQ challenges. the powers everyone holds differs on your “multiple intelligences” so as the power differs the ability to train it to make it stronger can become easy or impossible. but i have a plan, every time you have a dream or a small intuition of what may happen on your daily life (something trivial like a stranger bumping into you or something work related) write it down and look back on it often to see if it came true. good luck on any progress you make!

  3. Brittany

    You just have to beileve in yourself, and maybe ask a couple friends to help you out by training your mind to have full control over your visions. Ask a friend to say in the mind somthing they like to do, or like to eat etc.. and try to visualize what she is thinking about, his makes your visions more clear and stabalizes your abilities to rea minds aswell.

  4. Narcisa Boer

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