A lot of people have some really good arguments for the existence of the Illuminati. BUT, why in the end do the perps look like the same enemies of say, The Ku Klux Klan. I am talking about Jesuits, and Jews.


  1. Aussie_Icon

    I do not understand your question. Are you suggesting the KKK are illuminati or the Illuminati are Jews.

    You would be wrong in both cases.

  2. n e body

    you make it what you want. there are good and bad in everything, the problem is bad info from the few, imagine being apart of something that is just the opposite of the KKK. Be in a group that is not prejudice, where you can be a jew or black or just white, you can be anything as well as stand next to some-one who is different and learn how to love and respect them just the same. The problem is what the few try to make it look like. and the anwaer is, what do you want to make it?

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