True Stories of CIA Mind Control

Unknown forces conspire to erase the identity of photographer Thomas Veil (BRUCE GREENWOOD, I, Robot) and without warning, every aspect of his life is unraveled during the course of one evening. His wife acts as if he's a stranger, his credit cards are suddenly invalid, his keys no longer fit the door to his home and in one way or another, his family and friends are silenced. Completely alone, Veil sets out on a desperate cross-country quest for an answer while eluding his powerful and unknown enemy. His only clue to the possible motivation behind the harrowing ordeal is the disappearance of one of his photographs, "Hidden Agenda," which depicts the execution of natives in a war-torn Third World country.


  1. David Holmes

    My thoughts and experience as a therapist on the power of the mind, are that it is capable of incredible things in working both for and against you. Learning how to support people through hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT has demonstrated this time and again.
    A great book called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy was first written as early as 1963 and has since been revised a couple of times but it still holds some interesting views.
    Regarding Rob’s mention of Psychic Warrior, if you are interested in this field, more information is available at the author’s website

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