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illuminati media

I have 3 minutes to tell my class as many untruths fed to us as possible. Which are the most important points to get across, assuming they won't have time to check things out before exams, then they might forget!?


  1. likn my life

    I don’t understand why you only have 3 minutes to feed your class a bunch of untruths and have to assume they won’t check things out which would equal them forgetting?

  2. Joe_Pardy

    Edited 11-27-08
    Let me tell you why you’re here…

    The Federal Reserve Bank is not a U.S. Government agency, but rather a privately owned and operated bank; whose owners are mostly international bankers. This entity has financial control of the nation with the power to manipulate the worlds markets as they see fit.


    The Great depression was planned by the Fed’s as is the coming CRASH. The same steps the Federal Reserve Bank took to crash the market in the late 20’s, it has repeated again: namely the creation of EASY credit to one and all, even if they can’t possibly pay it back. This is their way of “Cashing In” on their financial pyramid scam, while impoverishing the masses. The move also creates a great economic crises enabling them to further their agendas unrestricted.

    CFR – The Secret Government

    JFK, was not killed by a lone gunman, but rather by a team of riflemen. He was in the process of doing away with the Federal Reserve Bank in favor of a national bank and currency. He was also planning to announce to the world the existence of E.T.’s (multidimensional beings), and expose a government cover up. Under Pres. Eisenhower, the U.S. government entered into a “Treaty” with a race of aliens. A treaty whereby the U.S. agreed to allow genetic experimentation of people in exchange for advanced weapons and propulsion technology. The treaty broke down, but the genetic experiments continue unregulated by humanity.


    The national media is controlled by members of the CFR, a group determined to bring into existence a One World Government, with them in charge.

    CFR, Media Control and the New World Order (time = 0:21)

    9/11 was an inside job, by the NeoCons, who took control of the White House, in order to create a reason to invade Afghanistan and Iraq; two strategically oil rich nations. A commodity that can be used to control the world.

    In late 2012, we are due to complete a 5,125 year cycle and enter into a New Age. At the completion of each previous cycles, great natural disasters occurred (Noah’s flood, Sinking of Atlantis); the same can be expected this time around. The public is not being informed so as to create as much carnage as possible. This will enable the remaining survivors to be more easily controlled and brought into bondage under a one world government.

    Area 51 – Nibiru-top secret alien invasion (Time 0 to 2:25)

    Note: Not all of humanity will experience the upheaval; those spiritualy prepared souls will be spared.

  3. Ruby

    Explain the history of the Federal Reserve and how fiat money works. That will get you the best mileage of all of the issues.

    It will also be the easiest for your classmates to wrap their heads around because of events of the recent past. The private banking cartel otherwise known as the Federal Reserve has committed the taxpayers to more than $7.5 TRILLION in the past short while, all except approx. $800B without debate and vote by Congress. The Fed even refuses to disclose to Congress who they lent the money to. We must end the Fed .. that is the most urgent of all of the urgent issues you list.

    You can find some pointers for your discussion in this 45 minute audio clip of historian Edward Griffin

    OR try this series of “crash course” videos you could refer your classmates to for starting the process of reversing the indoctrination.

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