1 The Global warming scam, this has been one of the coolest summers on record,
with one British night in August having frost in London areas.

2 Swine flu, 'the coming pandemic will kill millions' - rush to get vaccinated now seen as a huge health con trick

3 Tony Blairs 'dodgy dossier' some fudged up documents to justify the wars on Iraq. More political lies.

4 WMDs Non existent weapons that supposedly could destroy Britian and the USA in 45 minutes. Zionist inspired claptrap.

5 The 9/11 Attacks, blamed on Muslims but actually brought about by Israel and the CIA. Only the senate could sanction the standing down of the USAF, the defence missile shield, satellite protection, and the whole CIA monitoring programme.

6 The 7/7 London bombings where bombs on trains killed and injured many,
also in reality done by Israel and CIA with British help.

7 The war on the people of Afghanistan, sorry but we need their drugs for the black economy and mineral wealth, the first Taliban rule is NO alcohol and no drugs.

8 The banks need the peoples money as they dont have enough, the politicians in the thrall of the banks gave away huge amounts of the peoples money to Jewish bankers to be invested in Israel.

9 The unemployment figures, the drastically understated numbers of people actually with no work

10 We have to bring in people from abroad because our own people are too lazy to work, this is a hate speech on the governments own people, who wanted an excuse to deluge in yet more foregners.

11 Chemtrailing the people is no danger to their health, Peter Mandelson negotiated huge amounts of aluminum with Rothschild and Deripaska to spray a poisonous heavy metal cocktail on the people.

12 We are attacking Libya and arming the rebels as a peacekeeping exercise, total rubbish another takeover for exploitation.

13 Israel had to take over the running of the USA Britian and France because their own people were incapable, this is an outright lie.

14 we went into W W II because of a treaty with poland, real reason was to give Germany back to the bankers after Hitler threw them out.

15 The coming wars on Iran Lebanon Syria and Saudi Arabia are to bring democracy, we do not have democracy in the USA or Britian so why push our brand of it over there ? This is really to do with the roadmap to give the whole Middle East to Israel.

16 Osama Bin laden was Americas enemy, how can a man living in a primitive mountain cave without even water or light
declare war on the western world ?

17 The death of Princess Diana was a complete accident, and had nothing to do with her intended visit to Palestine. reasons for her death, the Zionists did not want her marrying a Muslim or bringing attantion to the landmines in the Area.

18 The deaths of Dr David Kelly, Robin Cook and Christopher Shale were as stated, all were murdered to silence them as all were whistleblowers on obscene amounts of corruption.

19 All the new incomers to the country will not affect the old age pension you have paid in for all your working life, the goverment has said, due to the huge numbers coming in we can no longer guarrantee people an old age pension as the economic cake can only be divided so far.

20 The biggest government conspiracy theory of all, that six million Jews were killed in a holocaust. Secret files in several countries show that many victims were trucked into the work camps, and were victims of allied starvation and bombing and were not even jewish.


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