The Occult Experience Documentary Full Movie

Robert Whittle asked:

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  1. Sigfried Thorsson

    This should not be shared with the general public, these things are sacred
    and not for laughter.

  2. strangebeave

    I like this doc, mostly because it docent condemn magic and witchcraft, it
    explains it.

  3. Chris Coleman

    shells on a beach are empty, they look nice, if you hold them close to your
    ear, they sound like the vast ocean, yet they’re still empty shells on a

  4. WantToKnow

    Then there are the Christians who believe that speaking in tongues is a
    mark of the devil – either when done by other Christians. Revoking other
    occult and carnal practices but speaking in tongues. So much judgement!
    Okay. I’m done.

  5. WantToKnow

    I don’t see any differences between the witches and the Christians: Shared
    togetherness for what they believe.

  6. WantToKnow

    The connection these witches have within their covens seems so warm and
    wonderful. Fun. Joy.

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