1. SD3550

    i fell u ppl. them a#% need to off with ur head…. 4real the nwo is here in wisconsin..

  2. IoWnYawn

    @ThumbsUpMike I Know its kind of late but let’s get a hit on all those bastards!!i have the equipment necessary for that type of action, plus i needed someone else to help me do it, wait for the new president and illuminati will be exposed.

  3. J339

    Don’t forget the semenancy they get into during the retreat man! I know people who used to work there…it’s sick!

  4. DlNOCRlSlS

    @masscreation I was born ready. Lets assasinate them all. First we need a checklist, then we hunt to kill.

  5. richcapo

    This is all groundless speculation. The Bohemian Grover members and guests put on silly robes and throw some silly bonfire parties. So what? They’ve never hurt anyone.

  6. pandabead

    satanic worship is more prevalant than you know. my friend in college did research on satanic rituals and found pandora’s box.

  7. whiteshadow247

    @ThumbsUpMike Thats exactly what I was thinking!! We need to get everyone and Take Down The Government!

  8. LiquidMetalBand

    Alex Jones faked his Bohemian Grove documentary. See my YouTube channel for proof.

  9. skiah666

    Well, it started with the roman empire making rules,taxes and terror.
    This society is not the only one, there are groups much more powerful, simply because love and positive energy is stronger than negative destructive energy.
    We started with a ‘big bang’, not of destruction, but of creation. Do not let fear in,
    or anger, the key to life is to transcend into love to survive ANYTHING and create ANYTHING. Only in the favor of mankind, peaceful and harmonious,not strangled by ugly men


    were there is evil, there is good, were there is darkness there will be light were there is a dark god there will be a god, for every – there is a +. so ask your self what is evil and what is good the line between them are so so so blured it is almost invisable. “when in grate peral and no hope there will be a light at the end”

  11. Oscar

    This is sick illuminati sex magick stuff….

    Did you know know that there is a bill in congress right now that would make semenancy part of state university curriculums?? It’s like they rubbing this stuff in our faces!

  12. l337NERO

    becuase if we truly believe in god then we cant do what u suggest, and the 2012 stuff wont happen, if anything of that nature happens then we have the nwo to blame,

  13. klauwn17


    well no mattrer what happens to them in the now.
    their future, or in other words afterlife isn’t going to be.. Let’s say bright.

  14. SON0KONG

    think about if one did wut do you think would happen to much the economy and everything elese its hard to say but they all run the government youd have a scene of anarchy and no anarchy is not good when you begin to starve youll be beatin kids for meals

  15. masscreation

    i would be so fucking keen . blow these mother fuckers so so sky high that there flesh will burn off there bodys as they leave the sky fuck these Satan loving mother fucking people , they shall all die at the hands of humanity fuck im 19 n dont wana die n 2012 , we need to all round up create our own organization n infiltrate there base and fuck there shit up roll though there with tanks n shit fuckk all of them

  16. Sunkissebabe

    lmfao! ur a don for dat bruv! i can deny, why hasnt sum1 dun dat? so da warlocks can taste a piece of their own damn medicine!

  17. ThumbsUpMike

    why doesnt someone sneak into the bohemian club and set up like bombs or some shit and kill everyone in there?! why just let them meet and live and continue to fuck up this world……can someone like step up and do some hero shit lol

  18. susan

    I saw an interview with an ex-bohemian grover that mentioned the sex magic and semen rituals too……. These people are traitors to humanity!

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