Strange Message from the Mausoleum Suite in Halo

19justinbrown88 asked:

You may have heard about the reversed messages in the Halo (by Bungie) game soundtrack. There are other hidden messages in some of these same soundtracks. This is the Destroyer's Incantation (from the Halo 2 soundtrack) ,in the Mausoleum Suite, played FORWARD (the way it sounds in the game). See what you think. Feel free to check out more stuff at:


  1. Chaires97

    this guy has it all wrong its 032 mendicant bias speakin that it says and it doesnt say that it says something like i have walked upon the anges or somn like that

  2. usayeed727

    Damn… this scared me. Satan IS a liar. He thinks by sending us astray from good and the path God gave us, he will win. He won’t as long as there IS good in the world. He will burn in hell when God casts him in there, and he’ll get the pain and humiliation he deserves.

  3. TheBiggestWolf

    It’s Baphomet, and no besides the torch it has nothing to do with the Baphomet. The Baphomet means much more.

  4. halofan38

    o knew it this is not our home on this earth….this is a challenge on earth…….our real home is heaven

  5. Kandragonicus

    Thank you, whoever you are. it’s nice to see someone using the hype from the hidden messages to spread god’s word. if you ever want to talk about god’s kingdom, i’d love to talk with you about it.

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