New World Order Anti-Christ’s Empire 2012 – Conspiracy is real!

henioxavier asked:

Dr. Henio Xavier Video about the New World Order ant the Anti-Christ's Empire. These are the Final Events which will bring up the last days of human History as we know. The Prophecies are taking place too fast. Bible never fails, because it's the Word of God.


  1. Downyoceanhon

    @SSTTEEAALLTTHH Obama a NEOCON ? WRONG! FYI, the NWO=Communism which is about be born, starting 10 yrs.ago with 9/11, the Patriot Act, The passed Defense Authorization Act 2012, which will incarcerate anyone in indefinite detention, without evidence of wrongdoing that government deemed a “combatant” or likely to engage or support a violent act in the future; including U.S. Citizens. NOW, go back to sleep with your crack pipe and rock music with the rest of the blind sheeple.



    They don’t need a conspiracy for it. They know what they want, they know what’s good for them. All they need to do is grab it, it’s that easy.



    Heads of state is an expression that has been around for centuries and is pretty much used by everyone. It’s called a figure of speech…

    As for the triangle, the triangle is a Masonic symbol and all I see is a neocon pulling lies out of his ass with crossed hands.

    Wake up, there are no Illuminati, there is no New World Order. There’s the same old world order there always was. Powerful wealthy people want more wealth and power.

  4. henioxavier

    Yes, Obama is a puppet. Actually, all governments are puppets. There is “someone” or “something” higher in control of the Conspiracy. Bible says it’s the very Satan who is placing a New World Order in our planet in order to rule over the whole world. So don’t surprise if in a very few years, the USA, the EU and other countries get throughout a single globalized all powerful government, handled by the Anti-Christ and his fallen angels (Aliens). It’s not a hoax! And it will happen soon!

  5. Downyoceanhon

    @:37 Obama said, I talked with “Heads” of government and “Heads” of state (the Illuminati) to try and resolve this (Illuminati created) “crisis”, while making the “all seeing eye’ triangle with his hands…puppet.

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