Justin Bieber satanic version

PonPOOP asked:

Justin Bieber satanic version


  1. Wecanstopnwo1

    this boy face is gay, i think, and them mother fucker mother is very satanic and he more. ja

  2. XevanescenceamyleeX

    Nooo! why JB! His tiny heart will be exploded with these vermin of people!

  3. JadedZack

    i think people just wanted to watch him move his body slow lulz.if you had a lagit reason to post this then fine but i dont see it and the music is stupid.

  4. sophiasgouraki

    he’s not satanic….he’s just a kid…
    p.s. i’m not hater nor a fan, i just tell the truth i believe

  5. AntiSatanAndAdDajjal

    they have not yet fallen to this level, zionists control all and the media, music industry, movies, games and all that shows to people, but Freemasons and their Illuminati, slaves of zionists and help his for dirty business, spreading evil and commit evil

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