illuminati plan for 2012 EXPOSED ( Full Lenght) HD PART 1

InfowarChannel asked:

The truth is here! Top secret information about the end of the world is revealed! ( illuminati ) Part 1


  1. GenoGod666

    What’s the original source for this video?
    Who is the presenter?
    Where is the rest of the presentation?
    I want to hear what Karen had to say.

  2. 2209835

    hhhaaa…. sooo ??? what do you want these people do ??? Be SCARED more !??
    Sooo > Is that change ? Who is this guy ??? Dr ? Scientist ? or an unemployed who watches too much Hollywood cheap action movties for teenagers ?? Get a life

  3. goldenraisins

    I was pretty on board (minus the very beginning) until he started refuting global warming. Ugh. He still doesn’t explain how the brown dwarf is causing global warming as opposed to CO2 trapping heat in the atmosphere. The way I see it, the atmosphere would be getting warmer either way–brown dwarf emitting infrared reaches the atmosphere first. Not land. I just want to understand this before I can believe it… until then, I’m going to trust what I learned about the bonds of CO2 trapping heat.

  4. goldenraisins

    I was pretty on board (minus the very beginning with the dates and such) until he started refuting global warming. Ugh.

  5. DavesAV6

    I know whats coming. But what I can’t stand is when people try to give dates.
    Soon as you put a date on something, and it don’t happen, you remove all credibility from your self, and you defeated your propose, witch is to inform people.

    You want people to pay attention?…stop giving dates.

  6. tarus360

    Kill Obama SERIOUSLY ?
    I Mean Im Not ah’ Huge Obama Fan MySelf But,
    Come On We Can Do Better Then That.

  7. Stevenson025

    truly amazing, just finished watching and about to start part 2..
    you answered so many of my questions.

  8. EnglishFever

    lol this dude is just a fear monger, although I don’t doubt God could do this, what kind of person dreams this hellish shit up!!! This guy is sick…

  9. jamzz94549

    So, the WOOLY Mammoth had all that hair/fur in a temperate zone, huh? Really, are you freakin’ serious? I was skeptical at first, but once you made that statement I knew you were crazy

  10. gingersuger1

    i am on board with this aluminatti thing, but the fact that none of this happened…..dose not look good :(

  11. mellowtonen

    lots of great truth in here, but the earthquake predictions are just mocking your other info.

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