Hypnosis-Mind Control-Meditation

lchris33 asked:

Find out more about using Hypnosis & Mind Control -- www.attractionlaws.net - created at animoto.com


  1. footballpartysupply

    Hypnosis can be very powerful, but my preference is meditative practices like Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Nice video with deep, dark music.

  2. evantstowers

    Wow, well put together video. I’m really interested in mediation and hypnosis after seeing a hypnotist in my psychology class. He had kids doing crazy stuff! Plus mediation is very relaxing. :)

  3. carina750310

    I really like all those kind of stuff.I am interested in hypnosis long time ago!Very good video!Thanks for sharing!

  4. hapsicordable1

    I like this video, very informative and stylishly done. Cool music it is very relaxing. Thanks for the upload.

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