Hawaii Revisited; Investigating Chemtrails/Geoengineering

Truthmediaproduction asked:

Michael J. Murphy, Co-Producer of "What in the World are They Spraying?" returns to Hawaii to further invstigate the chemtrail/geoengineering issue one year after filming the groundbreaking documentary..


  1. 420protoman

    lol actually read this study, or just search this cuz ur probalby too fuckin dumb to read, watch this video “gary wenk” he proved in a study that marijuana and caffeine actually help restore cells , not kill them… ur the one thats fucking dumb from watching stupid gagnam style remixes ur brain levels are functioning at an extreme level of low quality. gary wenk is professor of neuroscience at ohio state university,,, the study is offical… ur the braindead zombie… lols

  2. intuitiveworker

    the stradegy might be to create an invisible hand that supports the  medical industry and all the vertical business. also i just heard all thoughout history their has been some sort of slavery.

  3. 420protoman

    yea it’s definitely fake… coming from a resourceful fellow like urself who loves gangam style video remixes i should obviously listen to you rather than experts who are trained and have done the scientific research… yea , i should just shut up and listen to what u say oh all mighty overlord of the internet mr wanaraz…. u fucking faggot

  4. TexasVideoTruth

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  5. briansmom13

    its bigger than monsanto and the weather.idont want terra formed. our gov thinks they will be spared and get to live under ground. well let those rats run into their hole and let the BIG THEY throw a bomb in it. what morons.im going to urinate all over my property so nothing will grow in it or maybe it will nuterlize the heavy metals.

  6. briansmom13

    when those cems hit our earth what is the end product ? we need sientist to figure out what it willbe on the planet the ETS want.then the ETS will wipe out the ritch meglomanics that helped them kill us and our planet.the little “they” “meglomanic humans” think they are going to be ok after they help the “BIG THEY” knock us off. that is why they are helping the BIG THEY knock us off.we need to know what chemicals ET wanst on earth to make it goodfor them.then we will know our enemy.folkemall

  7. MrRegularguy19

    “The first [pH] test was about 7.5 and the second came us as 6.7…according to Francis Maggles, this was really alkaline, the first test was 20 times as alkaline, and the second test was 100 times as alkaline”

    ROTFL…7 is neutral, pH below 7 is *acid*, and both results are within the margin of error for measuring. Newsflash – stupid people are stupid.



  9. nextinline777

    Then population wouldn’t even be an issue. If the planet is being destroyed.. Its because of what the government has created. Slavery has us acting like this. Because those peices of shit wants to control us like a monopoly. Haha.. but there will be revenge.. Read up dmt. Im pretty sure even on the other planes of exsistance we can fuck the people responsible up. Everytime i see a chemtrail plane.. I hope it crashes.. Those little fuckers in those jets are the scum of the earth.

  10. nextinline777

    We’ll get through it though. Obviously people who set this up we’re from a few genorations of humans back. So once they die out. I highly doubt the new genoration will be bothered about the economies.. Or money.. Or anything for that matter…. GOV is over. Get the fuck off our planet. If they are watching these videos. Us kids are going to be here alot longer than those pathetic fucks. They should just take themselves out of they arre not happy. If people lived how we were surpose to.

  11. nextinline777

    Apart of me thinks that the government wants to contaminate the soil/ food production because they dont want us relying on anything but them for food ect… Its litterly killing people. I can tell that from a few years ago.. People are detiorating. We look ill in the uk. Government is not your friend!! People involved with this spraying are scum off the earth. & deserve to be put to death. I hope there is justice.

  12. MerxTrismegistus


  13. cuccaracha

    Then what about a petition to the responsible governor or to Barry Soetoro himself ?
    Organic labels have no longer authorization.

  14. cuccaracha

    Indeed; the latest synonym for this silent death weapon is “Solar Radiation Management” !

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