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sebati asked:

sebati.blog.com Svali was once a programmer for the Illuminati, where she lived a double-life. She herself has gone through trauma-based mind control since she was a newborn, which split her personality in thousands of fractions as a result. From these fractions, her programmers then built a whole new brain structure; implanting commands, false memories, amnesia and a lot of other things to create a total Illuminati mind controlled slave. Her task was then to program others in similar ways, so each and every person within the group could be assigned different tasks and accomplish them without hesitation or protest. These tasks could be anything from prostitution to brutal murder. Like many others born into the Illuminati, from her birth in Germany Svali had no choice in her future, as her wealthy, rich and powerful parents charted her course as a "Chosen Child" from an early age. Told she was "special and born to rule over the masses" to make a better world, Svali recalls going to regular Illuminati meetings with other "chosen children" at least three times a week after moving from Germany to Virginia and then finally to San Diego. Svali later managed to escape from the Illuminati, after she started "waking up", realizing how destructive it was what she was doing. She kept herself in hiding for years and was very reluctant to giving interviews, afraid of being caught. However, in January of 2006 she decided to do an interview with the anti New World Order radio host Greg ...


  1. 12mrlukas

    @jankuiper3422 but we can stop it we need to start an army or a revolution we can dont give up hope

  2. WhatAreSpinkters

    Thats the spirit .. well done … help to keep the people down .. keep up the good work in spreading your doom

  3. glima64

    the Lion of Judah will break every chain. stay fit, stay smart and stay praising G-d when the time comes for the Conquering Lion to reclaim this earth only lions will be allowed to serve him, only a lion can follow a lion, so all the snakes, sheep, and hyenas out there will have no place at his side. All the filth these Babylonians have spread will be cleaned up soon enough

  4. MsMickeyness

    because they can fuck up sometimes, and we can win sometimes – it’s possible believe me, just we never see the mistakes they make as its all hidden from us. don’t forget we are easily as intelligent as they are :-)@qwertyh58w123

  5. Monarch3436

    @MonarchDeprogrammer Yes. Sex and Violence appeal to our primordial desires, rather than our higher consciousness.

  6. tunnabrix

    @bleepbleep1234 The people are dumb because the “system” and the media is making them dumb.
    Everything u hear on the radio or see on the TV is dumbed down. We see these people on TV and think how stupid they are. Kids see them as role models and follow naturally.
    So according to Svali’s time-scale, when the action is put in practice, these kids will be DUMB adults.

  7. rikky702

    @elelisrael i like to see you guys fight the supernatural. history is the present and so will the future wiil be from the past. how come there are many catholic saints where there bodies dont rot. this only a hint. there is so much to learn . and listern to your hart and love God cause your dealing with the eternal.

  8. bigbrother1994

    gud gud,, she actually does say something b4 it happens. “credit crunch” for the unbelievers , it shud be very interestd in that

  9. tadariusme

    The wrong you see look at the whole picture, lets be real population control, terrorist attacks is probably as worst as it gets but at the end of the day their is so much more advancement probably going on that outweighs the bad, imean yes personally i would hate to fall victim to acts but hey nobodies going to volunteer, lets just be realistic

  10. caNiBe3

    wakeupordie2, yes i understand what you mean. i have a job right now. but i am afraid of losing it. before the economic crisis i wasnt afraid of losing my job, now i am desperately trying to hold on !

  11. deagla2

    Illuminati=ET kin aka gods, Ea, Sirians, YHWH, Satan, Pepsi, angels/demons, dragons, jinn, naga, hulu, vampires, bluebloods, Al Gore, Windsors, Rothschilds, Rockefellars etc who rule cults like Freemasonry. Their agenda: continually victimize many via vaccines/other poisons like TV, Codex Alimentarius, internet 2, WW3 then stage an alien invasion to get a fascist world government with us chipped. Support Dr Deagle, Stewart Swerdlow, Oracle Broadcasting, gardeners and free energy technology!

  12. mikeybrumbrum

    This “population control shit” may not be your friend.

    You may believe that you are nto one of the ones who will be controlled, but i can tell you this – tyoru rulers are jews, and consider and call you “Gentile”.

    They woudl hapilly bleed you to death, ona n alter, as they often used to (and still do, in country mansions).

    Or, if you are a jew, perhaps the world will turn on you, and you will be “reduced”.

    finally, there is only one way to reduce life, and thats to murder it !

  13. bleepbleep1234

    Life is full of contradictions, and the world lives within polarities.

    Black & white, love & hate, good & evil, without evil good can not exist, in many ways I am thankful for what I have learnt and to be honest none of us really know what is going on, to be honest when I look around I think the world is beautiful, yes some things are fucked up. But I dont think I would feel comfortable with this population controlling shit, look how fucking dumb people are the world would be a mess without thm

  14. oldproji

    The one that’s in you is greater than the one that’s in the world. Satan’s end is coming to an end very soon. What can man do to you. It’s not the first death you should fear, but the second death which is final. Keep your mind focused on everything that is of good report and which is wholesome. Wait a while longer and you will win the race against evil and reap your reward.

  15. Tomorer

    Well Ive been on the look out for Illuminati occult symbology in city street plans and structures, and the cities this woman (God bless her soul) mentions (Portland & Pittsburg particulary) were a goldmine of all this kind of stuff. There are the obvious owls on eyes in pyramids on the Eiffel Tower and on Capital Hill. In Pittsburg they god with alot of gothic architecture too, and there is even an eye in a coffin (Skull & Bones)

  16. Ragingdemon1214

    I cant believe nas is a freemason because he exposes illuminati at times and why do you think youy barely see them

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