Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary (part 1)

candlelightpictures asked:

Part 1 of A Documentary that I made on the many odd happenings in and around Denver Airport, Colorado. Explains the meanings of the murals, symbology around the airport and what's going on underneath the airport, as well as around it. Very interesting!


  1. Reaper4367

    @420JustLegalizeIt G’day buddy. I like that you have put thought into your questions but unfortunately, our Governments DO do things like this on a MASSIVE scale, and put this sort of thing in public on occassion. It is done as a test to gage just exactly where the mind set of the general populace is at. In doing so, they can then sit back and read sites like this and KNOW what we are thinking. Im Ex Military, and what the general public IS NOT told, is horrifying. We are but so many sheep.

  2. afrosisters

    You people are gravely overlooking things. Yeah we already had an airport! But we got bigger and had a bigger populous. Excuse us for trying to help the public. and the murals, they mean something else. Not some “new world order” crap. The murals represent two paths we could take in the future, Either to destroy nature and each other along with genocide,OR to save the planet and to love each other. Maybe if you’d of actually lived here and thought a bit more rationally then you would know

  3. cutandshoottx


  4. Ratacon2004

    @happygalmarried Yup, you are 100% correct on that.Not sure if you ever seen this but if you have nothing better to do check this out here on youtube,It’s very educational.This video was put together by a christian so people can understand what the bible has been warnning us about….Illuminati Puppet Masters Exposed 1/12

  5. happygalmarried

    @Ratacon2004 BUT…the thing we must remember is that their god IS Satan. The “In God We Trust”
    Is their satan, who is ruling right now and leading us all down a great path of deception and destruction.

  6. ECIairport1

    FAKE. KDEN did NOT originally have 5 buildings. The original DESIGN was the same except the terminal was smaller. And, the abandoned baggage tunnels are NOT big enough for a military truck or something like that. This video is the biggest WASTE of time in my life.

  7. Ratacon2004

    @happygalmarried I heard once by a preacher that is a law of God that demons must make their selfs present to people so you know what you are getting into and not blame God later saying you didnt know.

  8. happygalmarried

    @Ratacon2004 Yes, it’s called Order out of Chaos, just like on the one dollar bill…”ordo ab chao”
    They HAVE to tell you, before they do it. Must be one of their sick “rules” they have?

  9. mintwithahole

    Australian Antigen is not deadly… A few will suffer liver failure but most will find the condition resolves itself spontaneously. If you want to kill off a large portion of humanity releasing Australian Antigen is not going to do the job. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  10. d3tach3d

    @420JustLegalizeIt Because its just a thing the elites like to do. They put symbols everywhere. It gets them off by rubbing it in our faces.

  11. xXDeadoraliveXx

    At 3:04, I hate to break it to you but that’s just a mine cart filled with gold and silver (symbolized by Au and Ag on the periodic table). Seems to me like that’s just something called a coincidence.

  12. xXDeadoraliveXx

    spell illuminati backwards in your address bar and add .com to the end. Press enter and see what government website comes up. (this is not a screamer nor a shock site, trust me and check it out)

  13. moemoe7193

    Yup, my dad worked there when it first was built to 2010, and he’d tell me some weeiiiirrrrddddd shit would happen there… -__-

  14. Ratacon2004

    what makes me laugh is the presidents of the united states are saying with their own mouths they want a new world order. And people are still in denial.People are so ignorant that will think this is a good thing for everyone.They are planning to starve people on purpose and mess up the economy so you all have no choice but accept this new world order.Wake up people.

  15. kristianweston

    @madelinemorrissey this is stupider than the stupidest thing ive ever seen. which, coincidently, was another youtube conspiracy video.

  16. allzipy

    please don’t blame Swastika. Nazis misused this Aryan symbol of universe. It was never theirs. It was used since thousands of years & is still in use in India. Belief is, that no one can misuse it & will fail miserably as Nazis did.

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