Bloodlines, Mars, Tom Cruise, Star Wars, and the Black Pope

soundlessdawn asked: I know.. I know.. You think these space time coincidences can apply to just about anything. But that's sort of the point. Why are these patterns there in the first place, and why such amazing tie-in possibilities? Wishful thinking or cosmic prophecy? Decide for yourself. All that being said, there's no doubt in my mind that the governments of the world as well as the Vatican are rotten to the core.. and have been for quite some time. Enjoy!


  1. Only1Shelvonte

    Hey… I’m an Aries and my favorite color is red!!! But, Nothing on this earth or beyond comes before God. That’s what I know!!! So if you out there doing evil…. Repent before it’s too late!!!

  2. TrickyJeffries

    As funny as I found this I can’t help but think that there is some truth to it.

  3. 05giacomo

    @Honeyline2 not to forget kofi annan in the background who had the balls to call the iraqi war what it is…illegal…

  4. 05giacomo

    actually its quite easy…moral truth provides absolute power…so if you abuse moral truth you cant be really beaten…this is the best occasion to bring terror and enslavery among people…guess which spirits are busy here.. of course its also lucifers mockery that catholic church made out of jesus a demon…but FOR SURE they all will be eleminated..the dimensions are indeed huge but god cant be overuled of course..he stands above everything…

  5. AnEyeOfTheOpenMind

    Lol I love how you put all this humor in the video instead of taking this so seriously. I mean ya it’s horrible and if I could do anything about it now I would, but there is nothing I can do for now. But it is okay because we are about to ascend to a greater understanding of love dispelling the evil from our world as I believe respecting all over beliefs. ^.^

    With my knowledge I understand why you shouldn’t take this so seriously. That’s how evil gets you actually. By fear of any sort.

  6. FishDontBlinq

    I went back looking at some of Soundless’s older videos and this one the most humor that I can remember any of his videos anymore. Why so serious? I can understand that all this information can make it hard to laugh and smile. Remember the humor it in all

  7. imelda4jesus

    very good video,ppl who dislike it are people who dont like to hear the truth.

  8. NaserMusic

    I thought dumbass was the Grand son of Prescott Bush, the one that helped Hitler’s rise to power.

  9. ZeitgeistExplorateur

    @soundlessdawn I have to correct you: 8:08 His hat has no Egyptian origin, but Babylonian. google for … papal mitre dagon fish

  10. oatstao

    @electronicmedium are you speaking about yourself or the author of these videos?
    If you are saying the author and audience, I would agree. But for one to lose themselves to navigate the labyrinth can hold a better understanding of the theatre of the world. The danger is of course losing one self as your key word indicates. To lose ones S-whole to that contstruct is the evil. The symbols are desecrated, that’s why I create and support to develop your own Symbols-ART non contrived.

  11. orgwarchants

    @lexwill1 Also the connection between BSG and sumerian history…..according to Sitchen. Just noticed that the other day while reading some of his crap.

  12. youngbuck189

    Scott Steiner a.k.a Big Poppa Pump the Genetic Freak is our only hope in defeating the New World Order!

  13. NWPsilocybe

    You know what’s weird, the guy who narrates this video sounds just like the comic book guy from Nightmare on Elm St. 5

  14. SatanIncarnate369

    @TheMambavenom buddy every religion is flawed not just christianity, they have all committed terrible acts towards each other so not one of them is to blame for the problems of the world all of them so make sure you mention that the next time you want to pms all over the catholic state and what not.

  15. truthseeker4063

    steve you was ok here you was clearly one of us as in the average man! what happened to you after that i have no idea dude! i like you here alot more

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