1. jjerome9108

    oooo that is my show lol u can go in the easy way or my way. those are fighting words

  2. Thehours1000

    Notice what the song says. Be careful not to mess with the balance of things……

  3. Agaetis1811

    music is subjective. the song fits the theme of the video, which i try to do in all my videos. even though i’m told my videos are scary, i’m not looking to scare anyone. the subject matter is scary enough. what do you want me to do? put flowers and rainbows in the video?

  4. MrRealityone

    I guess your stupidass didn’t read the title of this video,Y the hell did you watch?What are you looking for?Think about it,if you can.Maybe you’re the retarded one,Stop being dumb, start paying a little more attention and once again STFU!

  5. MissRenesmeePretty

    lol yeah im the crazy one talking (replying) to myself lol.. well , well look subliminal messages are stupid , like seriously? your subconscious? thats just an excuse for SICK ppl like you!! and stop cussing cus it makes you look retarded.

  6. MrRealityone

    Farthermore,If she really read what I 1st wrote,she will see it states ,I watch it for research purposes and to see for myself.Maybe her stupidass needs to pay more attention before she pose another comment.Or just stfu!

  7. MrRealityone

    Dumbass,thats my point,its called”subliminal messages”you wouldn’t look for it consciously,but your subconscious will.Why put that in a so called kids friendly show.I see you’re trying to twist the reality of this perverted stuff they feed the kids,wWhat you work for them or something,You stupid whore!

  8. MissRenesmeePretty

    Do you reakky have to make it that scary? and with that music? lol obviously you just want to scare ppl

  9. MissRenesmeePretty

    xD You are sick.. like seriously? who in their right mind checks the kitchen in the background looking for penises ? YOU of course..Fucking SICK!!

  10. MrRealityone

    I’ve been hearing about this stuff in disney’s kids show so I check it out by watching” wizards of waverly place”one evening and I couldn’t believe what I saw.In a scene with the kitchen in the background,the one about the girl being a dog,there was a cartoon like figure on the wall holding his penis.Go check it out if you can,these people are sick!

  11. Thehours1000

    I did not. There was contact info in the letter should I decide to say yes. I’m no illuminati nut, or secret society paranoid, but Im telling you there’s something to these videos. Can’t all be lied

  12. Thehours1000

    About 3 years ago I received through the mail a letter (no return address) from a group of people who really didn’t identify themselves. They told me they knew who I was, what I was capable of, and I thought of at my most private moments. And they were exactly right, that was the scary part. This individual went on to say that they were responsible for putting people in powerful positions, i.e. senators, congressman, governors, etc. They dealt with the rich &powerful and did I want in? No.


    The truth of the illuminati in very breif summary. The illuminati the new world order are split onto many groups such as ziontsts, their goal is to basically rule the world but they cannot achieve this with certain people around such as muslims. So they planned and executed 9/11 to blame it on them, they will continue to kill. They have also caused deaths of Tupac, Micheal Jackson, Malcom X, Martin Luther King. Illuminati companys include Disney and Nickeloden. Please look these facts up.

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