XxRymenxX asked:

This is proof that the Illuminati controls the world,and are responsible for 9/11.


  1. hiwolalnt5

    Eww a pyramid on a dollar bill, never seen that before, must be one of those secrets you learn when you wake up.

  2. cheyispie

    in my personal opinion there is no such thing as coincidence because everything has a meaning and a reason behind it. why the fuck would people be making a movie and just randomly keep putting in 33 over and over if it had no meaning

  3. kelvin123497

    Wake up people put down tha controller and open yur eyes this is no joke I wish it was but their is bad people out their that R pretending everything is okay feeding us with lies and satanism. Like they say go inside turn on the tv and we will handle it more like destroying man kind

  4. Lo71987

    Yeah and they are laughing their asses off at people like you who think they aren’t real.

  5. skylineowner1990

    yes. the FED which issues the money is a private organization directly involved with the illuminati.

  6. skylineowner1990

    go back to sleep jellyfish head. why would they put it in there as a joke? what kind of sick stupid joke is that to put satan worshipping symbols in a kids cartoon. Conspiracy theorists are just people that know the truth. Youve been programmed to instantly dismiss anything that goes against the government, your so ignorant that you wont even give 30 mins of your pathetic life to do some research on the subject.

  7. stanstrike11

    just cuz someone has praying handa and jesus tat dont mean hes holy…..poor dumb ass gulible people!!!..dats why were targets u idiot.

  8. 1SavageBro

    Justin Bieber Is NOT ILLUMINATI! He Has Praying Hands As His Tattoo And Jesus On His Leg!

  9. XxRymenxX

    Timothy 6:10-“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”

    I disagree though..I think people are!

    What do you think the all seeing eye is?

    Did you know that it’s mostly linked with Satanism and the Freemasons/Illuminati?

    It’s also linked to witchcraft and possession..by demons.

  10. thevingipsaybasterd4

    if you want music that is not lllumimati go on facebook thevin gyipos we have not done any thing yet but if you like it when we do get our stuff out share us with frends

  11. vuur150

    Eminem is himself
    Obama i cannot really tell
    Justin Bieber is a fucking queer that does whatever girls want him to do ( squeel like a girl )
    Lady gaga is just…-Fucked up..

    I don’t really see the link here, btw.
    Rappers do put illuminati in their lyrics often, and eminem has a verse against new world order ( illuminati ) in one of his songs, i think it was lose yourself.

    Obama could be part of it, he is in the government, Eminem is not, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are just messed up people.

  12. BTJMO

    Do you have any links or can you point me to a website that talks about this RFID chip becoming mandatory by Obama?

  13. ShuffleForHardstyle

    What makes you insane is you think they mean something much more deep and have underlying secrets about the Illuminati xD. I’m not denying that subliminal messaging has been used, I’m just saying the Illuminati is a load of conspiracist hooey. True, no government is perfect, but the American’s are not bent on world domination as much as people believe. Regular country is regular. 

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