1. Vocalur

    Sorry that was just the title I can’t do anything about that, but ur right lets just drop this before it goes any further, nice to have chated

  2. Vocalur

    No I wasnt pushing anything I was showing u that I’m not the only different one I was showing u that these people too hate the church and hate the judgementality that’s why I said u didn’t have to watch them because I knew u were going to think I was trying to convert u. I was just showing u that I’m not the only one who isn’t blind to the churches lies

  3. 7Beyonder

    LOL….See. YOu can’t help yourself. Most of you can’t. Too eager to push a dead Jesus and not able to just leave people with their own beliefs. I understand. Its in your doctrine to push it on others. No need to mention Jesus here.

    Here we go again. You’re sermonizing again and you don’t even see it.

    I have no interest in learning about a dead Europeanized Jesus or what your pastor showed you.

    Learn to relax. Allow others their beliefs without intruding.

  4. Vocalur

    Oh not to bother u but just a suggestion u dnt have to watch it but theres this video called “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” again u dont have to watch it, my pastor showed it in church and i agreed with it cuz it’s real oh and theres a christian rapper Lecrae who’s got this song called Church Clothes and it comes at the neck of every fake church

  5. Vocalur

    Oh and apology excepted and I would like to apologize if I disrespected u in anyway because I’m still young and u r an adult

  6. Vocalur

    Wow um thanks, this is cool u might still not believe but i’m glad that we were able to clear things up to me the first step of anything is important no matter wht that step is, and if we can come to any type of agreement or understanding on anything thats cool

  7. 7Beyonder

    OK. Pardon my extremes. I overreacted.
    I see you are different. I commend you on your grace and decency. You are not the enemy and you being a young man, I don’t need to be coming at you like that..

    I sincerely apologize. I commend you on your ability to stay calm and reasonable.
    You are to be treasured, not vilified.

  8. Vocalur

    And I nevr introduced the “run out of answers” thing until u challenged me but as humans we all run out of things to hope for, However with my belief I’ve never run out of that hope, u dont have to believe it it’s my belief and it’s ur opinion to believe or not believe it’s not like I can make u i’m only human and not perfect either

  9. Vocalur

    I didn’t take any credit either, I kno this is hard for u since christians made such a bad name for themselves but u gotta try to not judge me by every other christian that u’ve seen or met, because I havent judged u at all. And I never came on here and started telling everyone they needed to repent, never judged none of that just simply tried to shed some light, whether u think it’s the right light or the wrong light is totally up to u.

  10. 7Beyonder

    So let’s get down to it.
    You are here in a Tupac video….to preach to everyone about your personal “Jesus” friend. And to tell people they will “run out of answers”….as if you had them all.

    See what Im saying. No one asked you. Everyone’s talking bout Pac. But you want to take credit for introducing and bombarding others with YOUR version of God……. to all these people.

  11. Vocalur

    I wasn’t wishing death my friend I was simply saying that ur day will come when u run out of answers. And u dnt kno what I do away from my computer so don’t judge. I can understand where ur coming from because I hated christians myself because of their fakeness untill I found some real ones that actually gived a crap about the pple around them and actually followed God so believe me when I say I kno wht it’s like to b judged and ridiculed

  12. 7Beyonder

    Aren’t there some poor homeless people you can go proselytize to? Instead of endless drivel in a discussion page, aren’t there some world issues you can address away from your computer?

    Christians always talk lots of shit….but really don’t go out into the world to help those who suffer….

    just endless irritating self-congratulatory crap….eventually if you follow the argument….
    ….they end up praising themselves.

  13. 7Beyonder

    So you are wishing death on me, because I don’t buy into your religion? Nice.

    You, too, my friend, whether you read the bible or not….will die.

    The problem as I see it…is that people heal…..but you Christians always wanna seem to take the credit for it.

    Save your sermon for someone who gives a fuck….or is ready for your conditioning.

  14. Vocalur

    A lot of things happen everyday, the one thing that I’m thanful for happening every day is grace and mercy that’s why pple get healed everyday because the bible says that we are given new mercies everyday so yes it does happen everyday, but it is special cuz there are days when it doesn’t happen, and u wont be saying Nothing special then cuz u’ll b gone

  15. Nweapun5

    Yeah spontaneous remission is whe the cancer is no longer active NOT when it totally disappears just like how HIV can lay dormant but doctors become baffled when it just isn’t there anymore

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