Tupac exposing the truth about the illuminati – ILLUMINATI KILLED 2PAC

josiah7953 asked:

Tupac exposing the truth about the illuminati - ILLUMINATI KILLED 2PAC vimeo.com


  1. SparkOfRevolt

    yo thats true man, when whitney Houston died, right away i started seeing titles from you tube “whitney Houston illuminati” haha, the only time people should blame them (illuminati) is when they see something like an event like pearl harbor or 9/11…….

  2. madcomments05

    does every death have to be by the illuminati ?!
    and dont get me wrong when i say this, beause i love 2Pac and Biggie, but if he didnt want to call names, then why did he say, “Fat motherfucker” & “Call your self a gee, but i fucked yhu wife” to biggie smalls in his diss track ‘Hit Em Up’ ??
    did yhu ever think it was a regular citizen ??
    of course not, because the since the second people found out about the Illuminati, they blamed all of their problems on the Illuminati .

  3. Jeshon10

    thats true but be real michael jackson donated millions and shit if i had paper like michael and i had 2 kids shit i would by a huge house

  4. Reaconrex

    We were all created with a sence of human and wisdom, which help us to know what is good n bad, n whever we hear things we should know if is true or not. In my tribe they say in every lie there is an element of true. Am say this for those who re saying the illums are fake or this and that. Am an historian n i can tell who u are with words that come out ur mouth. So belive it or not the illums exist n they run all the biggest companies n societies in the world, so they can cage the world to them.

  5. Reaconrex

    The illuminaties are real and they know how to shut a man down without trace,come to think of it u dealing with the devil, he who was there when God was creating u,and he who own the world for this point in time, so my black, white, chinese, arabians, latinos brothers,please be aware of that and there is no way the devil can’t take or mislead u or quench u,the only thing u need is just believe in christ and dont mix urselves with his group.I ve seen people die all for the sake of money n gangs.

  6. Reaconrex

    Listen close to him, and u will hear the truth,he don’t want to call names bcos that will make his death fast. Just dsame way jackson brother didnt call names when he was talking about jackson death.The illums are real n people fall victim for them bcos they believe they want to make money and after seeing the thruth in d industry,they start regreting n try to share the news to all for awarness so dat when u plan to get into dat line u have to be careful or ready to sell ur soul to their master.

  7. jesseortiz666x

    They worked hard for the things they have. I’m not rich yet, but once I grow up and become a physicist, I plan on having nice things.

  8. madcomments05

    how about you damn idiots get a fucking clue .
    the Illuminati organization is not your modern day gang .
    it is the most exclusive and elite organization in history .
    they are the ones of told you the actual occurrence of the date 9/11,
    and they have informed us of many cor-opted occurrence in the US Government .
    and now you blame them, for killing a man, who you,
    the same people who once believed that he was an Illuminati ?
    i swear you people just believe ANYTHING the media says .

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