ToRmEnTeD by TeNnEsSEe ToRnAdOeS ! 2o11

GreatestSingerEver01 asked:

PTSD = POST TORNADO STRESS DISORDER! Well, I aint never... in all my nine lives... there's another tree... Look out people! Sometimes one must deal with stress by making light of the situation. I was very shaken up after this storm passed that I had to find a reason to laugh. My heart goes out to all the people affected by tornados and other disasters across the world. Stay safe.


  1. vangard213

    @GreatestSingerEver01 I can understand the stress I’m in Ohio so we are not immune to them.I think everyone that commented liked the ending,that was good ! LOL

  2. GreatestSingerEver01

    @geoff1945 Cried through it but laughed myself silly afterwards. PTSD = Post Tornado Stress Disorder. ;-)

  3. GreatestSingerEver01

    @vangard213 Thank you. I was under a lot of stress as you could probably tell. Lol! Survived another one. :-)

  4. GreatestSingerEver01

    @HOLWAGERKARAOKE We live in tornado alley here. They’ve jumped over our place a few times and did a lot of damage not too far north of us. It’s a very scary experience, but when it’s all over with, you either laugh or cry or both at the same time. I’m almost scared of beautiful sunny days because they are usually followed up with days like this. If tornados won’t humble a person, I don’t think anything will. Lol. You both stay safe, too. :-)


    Hey,, that must of been a really bad storm,last night we had high winds here,,,,the house was popng and a cracking,,,i hope nothing of yours was damaged,,last year me and Bob was sitting on our front porch and a small tornado came threw and ripped one of our neighbors roof off and took a tree out of the ground,and didnt even touch ours,,but i dont hardly have any trees to worry about,,,,you did talk funny,,,,thank you for sharing this video,,,,,you take care and stay safe

  6. 2012politicsforall

    Hilarious! I bet whomever rated your video down is head-over-heels for Dorothy’s sparkling shoes. It could happen. Lol!

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