@sparkoflifemedia CIA – Jesuit agent ? Yeah – those three years in FOLSOM were part of the ‘operation’.

    Get a brain

  2. sparkoflifemedia

    @johnsawyer1 It’s 100% fact dude. Look it up. Leary was direclty connected to the Military through Holy Cross the Jesuit school he was trained at. He was text book controlled opposition.

  3. johnsawyer1

    @sparkoflifemedia- what do you base that on? you have to base your theory on facts. do you have any facts to support such a claim against such a brilliant man?

  4. luvrip4life

    it’s sooo sad to see him all old like a year before his death!! really sad. at least his was still happy i guess

  5. sparkoflifemedia

    Leary was a CIA – Jesuit agent. He may have been involved in projects without knowing it (Mkultra)

  6. bungebob

    Dr.Timothy Leary is not solely about L.S.D.Consider that he IS a supremely intelligent human being.I like hallucigens a lot.That’s my choice,but put aside your drug preconceptions and listen to a great mind.Being crazy is being free.Love ALL the people.

  7. alucard1083

    I’m sorry, dude. I didn’t intend to offend you. I was just amused by the old man trying to tell a joke. I’m not a hater, bro. sorry.

  8. SOCRATES012

    When we understand our intentions, we can begin to understand and accept our actions. p.s Tim was a good man. Im sure he is greatly missed by many that had the meek pleasure of hearing him

  9. Ampman7

    Back in the summer of 1972 my friends and I had window pain that came from Berkeley. It was very mellow and colorful. We took it together and had a great time. I will admit those days were some of the most memorable and enjoyable days of my youth. Today I think most people are afraid to speak of it but I’m not!

  10. paddie353535

    i did window pane 30 years ago and had a really bad trip. the good thing is: “it fucking scared me so bad, i never did any kind of acid ever again.” i am not anti drug but it’s not for me any more.

  11. mobilezonetv

    Dankhead, I don’t know much about the subject as I’m not a chemician (I guess neither are you), but are you trying to convince people that LSD is NOT braindamaging? Oh, come on, tell a better one, were not high here.

  12. mobilezonetv

    Psihodelik, I partly agree with what you say, but I also must say that even like that, this poor man is much LUCID, smart and conscious that MANY people straight around.

  13. mharvill8674

    joke’s on you. leary and krassner had known one another for about thirty years at this point, and naturally spend much of the time finishing each others’ sentences. leary thought he could play the system against itself but it backfired on him. him along with manson were 2 of the key factors that caused the dissolution of the 60s counterculture. lsd isn’t bad for you, but it easily dissolved the political movement at the time.

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