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  1. Yuxz Wzxy

    Human creativity is the only magic worth paying attention to. Everything
    else is manipulation and/or disinformation.

  2. skunkdaddypewpew

    So white middle class people want to go backwards to become savages. What a
    crock. Warping science into a religion for the ignorant and unintelligent.
    Most of the cultures that had these beliefs world wide didn’t have what it
    took to survive in the long term and people want to go backwards. Read a
    world history book sober. This video shows how arrogant man still is.

  3. Virgil Hicks

    With God’s hand on His creation, and wisdom being from the very beginning
    of creation, I can’t see man becoming as primitive as cavemen dragging
    women around by the hair of the head, or becoming a monkey’s uncle.
    The devil has snooked many into believing these lies. I can’t find any of
    this recorded in God’s word ( the bible). If not recorded in God’s word
    leave it be, it’s of the devil.

  4. excusia


    Psalms 9:17
    The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

  5. Michael Greenwell

    3:00 ” A solar eclipse is where the earths shadow falls across the sun”
    Interesting I can’t wait for her to tell us how a lunar eclipse works. 

  6. Johnny Vælimæki

    This is only the same old stigmtisation of what really is the oldest
    wisdom,and to all of you that find this idioty boreing i will tip you on
    thise books of Carlos Castaneda the jurney to Ixtlan to the art of
    dreaming. This is the closest to shamanism ever written. These people
    do´snt have respect for them selfs enough to get to know them selfs on a
    honest struggele true experinse life without evidense!? Everything can´t be
    explained,only experinsed! Thanks! J

  7. Meow .Oner

    Hahaha,is this really a “Reality Entertainment” or
    “let’s-hate-what-we-have-no-idea-about Entertainment” Got into 10 minutes
    and had to turn it off. What a piece of garbage,so uninformed…you don’t
    even know what solar eclipse is. I’m done :D

  8. MysteriousLabyrinth

    Shame that this Lady Sheena doesnt know what a Solar Eclipse is,it is
    absolutely not the Earths shadow falling across the Sun as She states and
    is an obvious imposibility.

  9. Aymii keegan

    under the shadow that falls on the sun … i am going to sacrifice 3 goats
    to please the gods. to justify the fact i made it to 7 mins of this crap
    … i would burn pagans too if this is all the crap that came out their
    mouths … burn you clueless pagans … shame on you for putting pagans
    in the shadow on the sun ?? WTF /// BOOO 

  10. Trae Carter

    As probably one of the few who actually made it all the way to the end,
    despite all the skeptical cringing, and to come to fully understand the
    actual content of the video. Thank God you mentioned the scientists at the
    end haha, brought me right back to my comfort zone. Awesome documentary!

  11. rusman74x

    I can’t believe I just watched the whole thing. I’m fairly well versed in
    the occult… and… erm… I guess this was a nice overview. But when they
    got something wrong (which was often) they got it VERY wrong. Not saying I
    hated it or it wasn’t a nice production. I’m really trying to be nice… so
    B+ for effort.
    One thing that really bothered me was at about 56:00. Crowley didn’t like
    Hubbard, he thought he was a con-man and warned Parsons about him. L. Ron
    Hubbard stole a lot from Parsons. Scientology is founded by a thief and a
    liar. Thelema is actually a very beautiful and Holy belief system… not
    some Hollywood, Sci-Fi, pyramid-scheme, brainwashing cult like Scientology.
    Sry 4 rant.

  12. Binguh Bungah

    Acts 8:9-24…
    this doc proves itself to be shite right off the opening premise:
    “religion” comes from “majik”; majik actually comes from religion. Both
    come from the mis/non/un/understanding of things of the Spirit. like most
    occult- an amalgam a/gnostic environmental’ism’ and “free clinic” love. the
    narrator is an anti-christian wannabe “sorcerer” and that women is just a
    twit! only the guy at the beginning had anything of value to say.
    religion (like catholicism, mohammedanism, or other “isms”) turns the
    spiritual into base ritual to make one feel good about themselves and make
    up for whatever evil they’re into (faith by works) by performing little
    dances,moving the candle, stand up-sit down-stand up-sit down repeat as
    necessary, give a donation etc.. majik/occult is man trying to overcome the
    Spirit by ones own power; tries to imbue power into ritual. its idol
    worship- the idol being oneself. animists worship the creation not the
    Creator. modern animists are called “environmentalists”; we were charged
    from the beginning to be good stewards- and have failed our world,
    ourselves and our Creator.
    Sit at God the Father’s feet gladly, heed- and do- what the Spirit has to
    say, serve the King of Kings who died for His people and it will go well
    with thee:

    “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead
    the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” Matthew 15:14

    “And one of them, a doctor of the Law, putting him to the test, asked him,
    ‘Master, which is the great commandment in the Law?’ Jesus said to him,
    ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole
    soul, and with thy whole mind.’ This is the greatest and the first
    commandment. And the second is like it, ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as
    thyself’ On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”
    Matthew 22:33-40
    Truth in Love and Peace

  13. canada2love

    They usually emerge from circles of firm Christian beliefs, bible belts,
    protestant pastoral backgrounds, monasteries, think about it!

  14. AmericanMuslim114

    Actually you dumbfuck calling childbirth misogynist. What the man said is
    true. All attempt to nullify the pains of childbirth has a consequence on
    the child. Injecting drugs during birth…. ( let’s just ignore the
    modern explosion of mental impairments and syndromes, that would be
    holy fuck political correctness is fucking moronic. holy holy fuck!

  15. wtfidonthaveaname

    They touched only on the existence and purpose of theurgy, but didn’t go
    farther into the inter-relationship between thaumaturgy and theurgy which
    was disappointing. You really can’t have one without the other; even pure
    science is in itself a religion, since there is a “correct” belief and an
    “incorrect” belief (i.e. scientists who don’t believe in evolution as it’s
    been endorsed and enforced are usually stripped of their qualification,
    regardless of whether or not they believe in “creationism.”). I think if
    there was a bit more expounded on theurgy, we’d realize that the quantum
    physicists with all their university degrees aren’t the only ones who will
    rule the future with magick. Just ask the Saints.

  16. Yahshua mySovereign

    Worship whom you please, but DO NOT LIE about The Most High, or his
    Messiah. The Catholic church is an anti-messiah establishment period. Just
    like all her daughter churches.

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