THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED – Why the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson (Part 9) (HD)

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  1. jbatts528

    the all in all

    its not a religion, its a way of life

  2. jfntihnuero

    R.I.P MJ you’ll always be remembered nothing and no one is gonna stop that.

  3. Daniel1977nky

    gaga is with the illuminati so put her cd’s and all her junk in the trash.the word gaga is the name of a demon.

  4. dazzmcdoogle

    all makes sense really Mj was trying to stop the illuminati and there influence in his music , he was apparantly going to expose them in his concert so ofc they killed my hero :(

  5. lilzabz

    Yeeh cozz islam wouldd savee him. kmt. watt a loadd of dudu. I hopee he did get saved by Jeses coz he’ll be up there in heaven. All thosee who dont believe in illuminati it obviously true all the signs aree there.


    she was paid for this interview but the family killed him it was there sacrafice

  7. philipthe1st

    I read that Michael accepted Jesus Christ a month before he died. God bless him.

  8. nadeezee09

    Oh yes, when you’re doing good for people you will have darks shot at you to bring you down! It has always been like that! I saw Michael Jackson’s Godly side in the “This is It” movie and was pleased because I used to think the wrong way of him.

  9. TheBratPrince86

    You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!

    Yes there is a great deal of mystery surrounding his death but I mean seriously!!!???? The Illuminati?????? What the fuck is wrong with people who actually entertain this theory?

    Seriously? The Illuminati who are behind the most elaborate globe-circling conspiracies of the highest levels, seriously cared enough about his “supposed” conversion to Islam cared enough that this would have enough effect on global politics to kill him??? You can’t be serious. WTF?

  10. gangstasaif786

    just pray the days are getting closer for the dajjals arival remember to choose the right side no matter what allah will be with us till the end .

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