1. Yoshua144


    After hundreds of years of this arrogant religious foolishness, no one in the Mormon Church can answer these 5 questions?

  2. Yoshua144

    5. Who or what is a Nephite and were did this name come from and when was it first used in history?

    I want facts, no mystical stories from someones delirious dreams

  3. Yoshua144


    1. Were did you get the archives/artifacts that Mexicans and North American Indians came from the bloodline of King David?

    2. Who said that they are the same bloodline as Jesus Christ?

    3. What is your date in this earths time line you are referencing for when the Indians came from Jerusalem?

    4. Who or what is a Lamenite and were did this name come from and when was it first used in history?

  4. bukkake2007

    Religion in general is a place to imprison people by making them feel guilty for their natural biological impulses so I’m not surprised that there are rabbis who do such things too, probably some muslims peachers also. But collectively they won’t even match the catholic church’s record. They have between 20-39% of CHILD molestation alone, not including adult abuse or exploitation.

  5. Yoshua144


    As I research further.

    Joseph Smith began his religious recreation with the following;

    Initially Smith told only a few family members and Joseph Knight that he had retrieved the reputed plates, which he said were written in unusual characters he called Reformed Egyptian.

    ~Get da out of here with dat~

    More theft of ancient Kemet (Egypt) for male dominant agenda’s. Now look at their church, with the genetics research etc., and they love to catalog Black’s.

  6. Yoshua144


    I wonder, if the Mormon Church still practice and uphold this Black issue with in their organization until this day. Most likely they do, but I’m more that sure they will not admit it.

  7. Yoshua144


    That is one of the most vicious religious fabricated story ever told. Created by someone who rewrote the Bible from dreams.

    Joseph Smith was scandalous

    In the late 1820s after he said he had received a visitation from an angel named Moroni, who had directed him to a long-buried book, inscribed on golden plates, which contained a record of God’s dealings with ancient Israelite inhabitants of the Americas

    What kinda $h!t is that.

    Talk about religious arrogant’s

  8. kakal2k

    Look I’m mormon and yes blacks are decendants of Caan, but to say that they are cursed because of anothers decision is false. If they are baptised, repent of their sins and become disiples of Jesus Christ and God than they will inheirit into the Abrahamic Covenant. But they are no worse of just because they are black than anyone else that doesn’t repent and follow Christ. If you want to know more hit me up

  9. Kemonokami

    Dan Brown is not a reliable source of info, and neither are the little elves inside your head.

  10. slbburr

    Everyone is missing the point here!! The Illuminati doesn’t care for race, religion or creed, THEY JUST WANT WORLD DONIMATION! They have a plan for all of us by 2012. We NEED to stick together and not let them get away with controlling OUR free lives and taking our own INDEPENDENCE away from us all. Do you want to live in a MATRIX or be FREE?????????????????

  11. TradCath123

    “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.”

    -(Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Judah, 1869

  12. TradCath123

    How extensive is the problem of clergy sex abuse in the Jewish community?

    Wayward Clergy: Is it Rampant or an Aberration?
    Eugene L. Meyer & Richard Greenberg

    NY(JTA)-Some experts estimate that “between 18 and 39% of Jewish clergy are involved in Sexual harassment, sexual Exploitation and/or sexual Misconduct -the Same Percentage as Non-Jewish clergy,” according to the 2002 book “Sex, Lies, and Rabbis: Breaking a Sacred Trust” written by psychotherapist Charlotte Rolnick Schwab.’

  13. Kemonokami

    The Illuminati were just a bunch of anti-religious, anti-gov’t smart alecks who got shut down by paranoid monarchs for being the equivalent of modern-day hippies.

    And Dan Brown, along with the most paranoid ‘tards of the day, made it seem like they’re everywhere, when their modern-day existence remains in doubt.

  14. bukkake2007

    Yeah, that may be so, but the jews don’t have shit on the catholic church in terms of mass murder and vile perverted acts. It’s quite repulsive really.

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