String Theory – (2 Minutes)

blackthornba asked:

String theory


  1. Tsresponds

    @viljamtheninja “Also, being the master of just one reality isn’t enough? A little greedy here, eh?”

    Not at all. That would be fantastic. Hell I’ll settle for much less than that. It’s just sad to think that any effort to minimize suffering and promote prosperity for all is negated by an infinity of horrible universes with people un-helped by your efforts. It’s a matter of empathy. Not greed.

  2. Tsresponds

    @viljamtheninja There is a disconnect between what science does or does not claim and the way in which it’s findings are presented to the public. I assure you media meant to explain string theory very often fails to qualify it’s statements properly.

    “The problem is that whether we as a species would feel insignificant about our accomplishments or not does not really have anything to do with what’s real and what’s not.”

    I’m aware of that. That was more of a side-note.

  3. Medafets

    So inside matter there is atoms, inside atoms there is electrons and protons, inside electrons and protons there is quarks, inside quarks there is string.
    Inside string is God telling you to fuck off.

  4. viljamtheninja

    @Tsresponds Also, being the master of just one reality isn’t enough? A little greedy here, eh?

  5. viljamtheninja

    @Tsresponds The problem is that whether we as a species would feel insignificant about our accomplishments or not does not really have anything to do with what’s real and what’s not. And this theory comes not from mathematical “prose” but very fucking advanced calculations based on observations and theories (yes, theories – no serious scientist is claiming to KNOW the truth), not arbitrary ideas about how cool it would be with alternate dimensions.

  6. outbackcafe

    This is just so fantastic, at first i did not understand but more i listened the more i knew i did not understand

  7. Tsresponds

    @mehico33 Yes our reality is insignificant as well, but suppose we mastered our entire universe by unlocking some unimaginable level of technology. That, in comparison to the infinity of other realities in which we are failures, is insignificant in that regard.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with string theory if it wasn’t so commonly stated as if alternate universes have been proven to exist. If it wasn’t so commonly USED to scam people out of money. (Esther Hicks and the “law” of attraction cult)

  8. mehico33

    @Tsresponds All of our realities are as insignificant as can be, ive never heard an argument to the contrary. Of course I find value in the things I like, thats good enough for me.
    String theory is just another attempt to explain the universe, its as strong/weak as any other. If anything it raises our understanding, the further science can take it the closer we will be to the answer, which I for one cannot even comprehend lol.

  9. Tsresponds

    @mehico33 It isn’t a possibility OR an impossibility. Whether it’s possible or not is unknown. But I’m leaning towards NOT, because it suggests the existence of a system of reality infinitely more complex than if it were just one universe. It also makes your existence infinitely more insignificant.

  10. mehico33

    @Tsresponds Well im no scientist, in fact I havent even done the youtube homework to back up anything I say but nonetheless ill respond: Nothing ive observed points towards an impossibility of alternate dimensions being a part of this reality

  11. Russell218

    How about instead of making a 2-minute video you make a 4-minute video and not talk like an auctioneer you fuckin’ twat.

  12. cleverVideoMaker

    We look at our universe and see that it seems to work something like this: 2 + 2 = 9 And we say that is not right, how can this be? So we make up a theory that states that the first 2 is really a 7. So now 7 + 2 does = 9. Great, it now makes complete sense. So we question, how can 2 be a 7? 2 is not a 7. Well you see, 2 is really a 7 in a different dimension I just made up. Sorry this is just an exploration, not my opinion. I don’t know enough about this to have an opinion. Please challange.

  13. Tsresponds

    @mehico33 I disagree that anything we observe even points to alternate realities as a possibility.

  14. JonesArmandoHoward

    No theoretical is BS and conceptual is things that are not possible to view physically and survive like the first couple of non descript moments in a fission reaction in an fission bomb’s core or “Francium” or jumping into a volcano physically…
    Theoretical physics is like theoretical particle scientists No observation is involved in nature or in models just imagination, Conceptual is an entirely different thing you build models from things that actually exist…

  15. GreyNoises

    @JonesArmandoHoward you know, that’s probably it. Theoretical physics is ACTUALLY a religion fueled set of ideas that ISN’T tested. Granted, some ideas (e.g. the Higgs boson) are still hypothetical (read= a flipping good guess) but theoretical physics is not something that people blindly follow – its experiments are kin to any other: scientific method, which INCLUDES observation and testing.

  16. JonesArmandoHoward

    The thing that is missed is that most of the theory’s are from observation, like lemon tastes sour and sugar is sweet and water doesn’t really taste like anything, internally everyone goes through that, then a sh!thead like Einstein comes along and goes you tasted all those things with your tongue, and the retards fall in line stop producing hypothesis and antithesis and fall into basically a integers and polarity aesthetic race/resource war based on consumerism and cult (jew) loyalty…

  17. Tsresponds

    Posit the existence of invisible strings all you want. If you try to conclude that mathematical/philosophical prose proves the existence of alternate realities I’ll punch you in the cock.

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