1. CoganKnowsBetter

    Robbie’s UNREAL!! AN amazing entertainer; lights up the stage; electrifies an audience and brings it home! Love ya Rob

  2. impartial67

    How the hell doe’s Robbie Williams merit an outstanding contribution award? Whilst there are amazing British acts out there like Morrissey, Kate Bush and Depeche Mode who have yet to be recognised. Bands like Depeche mode have exported quality music all over the globe for over 25 years, and do British music proud – Suppose Girls Aloud will win it next year? Any wonder the British music industry is a laughing stock

  3. OneEyedBeastTV

    I didn’t recognize any symbolism apart from he was dressed a bit like a freemason, but if someone that talentless can make so much money he has to be involved in stuff.

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