Rick Ross Exposed Satanic Devil Worship 2011

tinchystryderexposed asked:

Rick Ross talks about the freemason record with jay-z then this video analysis of rick ross music videos illumianti satanic symbolis and hand signs


  1. geekballin216

    depends on what he raps about and what hand signs he throws up. the satanic symbol of “devil horns” was explained as a sign meaning “rock on” or “rock n roll” ok cool then why are rappers actors and politicans throwing it up? must mean more than they told us.

  2. huskie14

    I guess any nigga who raps is part of a secret society created by some white men in the 1700’s that have supposedly been trying to take over the world for 235 years

  3. Theonealways1

    @ScholarVisual Your more focused on the name rather than the agenda! Their agenda is to push God out and put the devil in through a New World Order system! Those horn symbols, pyramida and 666 symbols is not a diversion! It’s their devotion and to seduce the globe into it too! Promise them fame and money if they submit! So when you see these symbols you just ignore it and bob your head to the beats? Tupac would know a lot more about secret societies than you!

  4. ScholarVisual

    @Theonealways1 Im not ignoring anything. There are symbols and signs here for you to see and conspire upon. The real shadow government has yall focused on something that has been dead since 1776. You are being mislead. 2Pac did not believe in the illuminati. He was trying to tell people they didnt exist. And look what happened to him. There is a shadow secret government, but there is no way they call themselves the illuminanti. They foolin yall. And its workin.

  5. Theonealways1

    @ScholarVisual You’re playing right into their hands claiming to ignore the devil devotion! That’s why they give the symbols so people like you will just ignore it and eventually accept it then eventually join in the anti Christ doctrine!

  6. ScholarVisual

    @Theonealways1 Thats the thing. THE ILLUMINATI IS THE DECOY. They gave yall that so you can feed yalls conspiracy hunger. They got yall focusing on the Illuminati, while the real secret government can conduct business undetected. Do you think if the illuminati was real they would allow books, movies, and websites continue to give out there secrets no. The illuminati is the decoy. As long as yall keep focusing on that theyll keep you in the palm of their hand.

  7. Theonealways1

    @ScholarVisual Just keep bobbing your head to the beat and ignore the devil’s games you decoy.

  8. bklynsuperstar718

    Ross and the rest of them are all fools.Shit is about to get real crazy and when it does o hope everybody will choose the way of the light and not darkness

  9. Yrhp8268

    The world is being run by satanists. Do a YouTube search of a man named Nikolas Schrek; Anton LeVay’s son-in-law. You’ll find several interviews he did back in the late 80s where he proudly admits the agenda of the New World Order & how it will be run by satanists.He said that humanity has become weak due to the “love thy neighbor” mentality of Christianity, but that the NWO will gladly thin the herd. He also said that whites are superior & he “welcomes” the AIDS edpidemic among blacks.

  10. Yrhp8268

    Schrek also called Hitler a “hero.”

    I’m telling you… the people running our society behind the scenes are totally sick in the head. It’s no wonder our world’s going to hell in a handbasket.

  11. thementalpatient2005

    The group known as the illuminati disappeared a long time ago. They only referred to themselves as the illuminati while they were in the process of the domination of Europe and America. Once they reached their goals they ditched the names and became corporations and banksters such as GE, Chevron and WalMart. Their mission was successful however the dragon whose army is in China will crush them because they used the serpent’s tools to achieve success but didn’t worship it.

  12. ScholarVisual

    THERE IS NO ILLUMINATI. Tupac didnt believe in it either. There is a secret government but I highly doubt they call themselves the illumaniti. The illuminati is nothing more then a huge decoy. You really think if there was an illuminati they would allow books, music, and movies to be published for everybody to research. Hell no. The real rulers of the world gave the masses the illuminati to fill the conspiracy theorists appetite to conspire.

  13. theresaramos7


  14. whipitout420

    it was foretold that these days were going to happen and these people will be exposed and people will still be ignorant….because the media and these puppets..the only reward they will receive is hell…all of you guys are blind from jesus christ….pray to him ask him for forgiveness and ask him to make you the person he wants you to be…christiananity is the only way and ive came from a devilish life style and now im seeking the lord

  15. drashan35

    Forget what they say…watch their actions. Jay-Z son backmasked saying “666 murder murder Jesus”…Jay-Z throwing up the all-seeing eye hand sign…Jay-Z with Freemason symbolism on his clothing line…occult symbolism in his video’s…and the kicker…wearing a hoodie with “Do As Thou Wilt” on the front…a phrase coined by one of/if not the most wicked satanic human beings to ever walk the earth Aleister Crawley!!! Believe nothing that comes out of that man’s mouth..his actions tell all!

  16. Victoryisoursindeed

    @SuperDarkknight92 well, now…white people burned their own people at the stakes, and worst, for land and money…salem witch hunts…thousands of battle and wars ( england- france, germany…and the whole world) …blah blah blah U pick up a brain before you get that history book you so dearly need…

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