Power & Control LSD in The Sixties. Part One. A Film By Aron Ranen

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Seeking investor to finish this work . Trip to USSR & UK to finish off final act of this documentary. contact me here at youtube. Aron Ranen


  1. metalquotationmarks

    “You know, if you’re eatin’ pancakes, you’re not just eatin’ pancakes, I mean, you’re floatin’ on a beautiful, uhhhh piece of bread that takes you high into the heavens like a cloud and you put a little butter on it and you’re y’know, swimmin’ in a pool of margarine…”

  2. iwantwatermellon

    @Khobraz That actually isn’t true. Don’t get me wrong, I find the effects of LSD on the brain fascinating, but people who see no fascination in using them are not stupid; they are smart.

    Some people don’t need psychedelic drugs to expand their minds. These people might be visionaries, Buddhist monks, or simply extremely intelligent.

    I do know a few people who do LSD every now and then. I don’t want to generalize, but those people were all morons.

  3. dirtynuke

    With acid you have to expect the effects. If you do not you will become easily paranoid and in fear that you have lost your mind. Like what happened to me one time I got stoned after id been smoking weed for nearly a year. Suddenly The weed worked and I panicked. Now I am afraid to try acid. It’s like flipping a coin. You don’t know what you’ll get.

  4. Khobraz

    @Godlesspanther Must of had some shitty acid lol. I suppose not everyone read’s books the same. it has to do alot with cultural influences too

  5. suddenlyitsobvious

    THESE kinds of people are today’s authority’s on LSD: positivists, measuring brain waves with electrodes, taking urine & blood samples etc, having PSYCHIATRISTS for Pete’s sake control the entire experience & never realizing that they were in a position to explore THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.
    It’s rare to see people who understand LSD is the ultimate tool for understanding the human mind & basically everything else.

    Of course, the system has no interest in such awareness materializing…

  6. suddenlyitsobvious

    The reason everything seems so bizarre in a trip is that the REALITY of the mind is often very undeveloped through conditioning in a society that stifles all things of a higher order. Countless people have considered their trip a delusional experience, not realizing its potential and that it’s in fact their daily lives that are delusional.
    Check Grof’s account of his trip on youtube: just PATHETIC.

  7. suddenlyitsobvious

    Grof’s LSD experiences pathetic (controlled psychiatric setting).
    Today LSD is largely discredited, and it got to be forbidden before people even understood how to use it.
    LSD doesn’t blow you OUT of your mind. It REVEALS the mind and completely shatters the ego-delusions. But LSD doesn’t work positively for people who do not acknowledge our spiritual nature, that is merely REVEALED through it.

  8. suddenlyitsobvious

    It’s really amazing that so many people STILL have faith in authority & government when EVERY SINGLE TIME the CIA comes up it’s always scheming some evil plot. Feeding unsuspecting people LSD is just criminal.

    Unfortunately the LSD culture (and the entire counter-culture movement for that matter) was controlled from the start & pushed in a negative direction. LSD guru’s like Leary were simply agency-controlled frauds.

  9. Godlesspanther

    @DukeLiveTheFear I would say “used correctly” would just mean — with good friends, in a safe environment, and knowing something about what to expect if it’s your first time. Under those conditions one should do just fine.

  10. Godlesspanther

    @Khobraz C’mon man, that’s a blanket statement. I have dropped acid with a couple of people who were not particularly impressed with the results and considered the experience to be of little value. Both of these guys were very intelligent, imaginative, and inquisitive. I really enjoyed my experiences with LSD and other psychedelics but I have not used them in decades and no longer have any desire to do so. Hey, it’s just not for everybody — nothing is.

  11. rollingrocks37

    this is wrong LSD was legal untill 1970 when the drug war started but otherwise nice video XD

  12. Coshka77

    Wow I lost complete faith in the government, they are not only stupid but complete assholes, they give us an amazing drug and then take it away with illegalization? Fuck! I only smoke weed but maybe I’ll try acid, someday.

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