paranormal documentary

discovererplanet asked:

a real paranormal activities by :Discovererplanet channel.


  1. Jerri iredale

    you know what there are so many different versions of this video there must
    be thousands, sick of seeing this one pop up allover ban it youtube!

  2. maxim mushizky

    You can tell this documentary is bullshit because Van praag is treated
    seriously …
    This man is a liar and a charlatan and was debunked many times.
    Including by James Randy.

  3. Charles Walker

    I know ghosts/spirits are real, I have been investigating the subject for
    more than 40 years but this is staged from the beginning to the end.

  4. TK Mist

    Some are shocking, others are lightly tingly, this one is a bit sandy. Are
    they real? Only you can tell.

  5. Kevin Roy

    The first story was good until they show the video of the table. It has to
    be rigged. I believe in ghosts but that’s just too much…

  6. Fox Herrington

    If anyone once to see real stuff like this happening there is soneone on
    here called sunshine girl! You can tell her videos are not fake!

  7. Ben Gibson

    Some one NO! some thing tried to hang him the spirit must of been playing a
    joke … so the spirit must want him to feel pain it might not of lived a
    life at all that’s right it might be a demon a spirit will play cruel jokes
    a demon will take a persons body the mother is likely to be taken by the
    demon and once the demon is inside the mother the mother will murder the
    children with the nearest thing that can be used as a weapon and brutally
    slaughter the children and then the mother will commit suicide and the
    demon will probably come out visible or come out in a terrifying form
    that’s all I know. 

  8. Obsoe Hollerith

    I saw an interview with the Greencastle guys a long time ago, and according
    to them at that time, they never noticed a thing strange at the house, and
    were surprised as hell to see their pics turn out the way they did. Doesn’t
    make for good TV, though!

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