Microwave Murder pt 8/10

marshall gregory Thomas asked:

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  1. 77s77777

    Want too make a difference look up these individuals that are accessing & using this equipment! Michael Watkins lives on the corner of Robbins branch & Hopper Mt. roads Altoona,Alabama. Judy Blanton lives on the corner of 2nd Ave & College Street Altoona,Alabama the mobile home as well as the house!

  2. R Goddard

    what does he mean exploding? I get burning sensations, itching and fatigue with nausea. they must be using a higher frequency on this guy.

  3. GeminiJay

    This is happening to me right now. This is real.

    I need to get some help.

  4. Demontechnology

    My voice to skull experience happened in Michigan as well in 2003. I believe you.

  5. marshall gregory Thomas

    I can only refer you to my channel and the two doc films on my play list (Monarch)
    If you wish to help with technique pls join my group on youtube, targeted individuals.
    send friend invite for response. thx for watching!

  6. 12on

    this part, 8/10, is a weak link in the presentation. if you are interested in improving your technique, consider removing witnesses that will be found to be hard to sympathize with. there is a certain way that most of our society sees & this vid will be seen as weak. it will be important for you to understand your audience to make this information stick (or as you say, ‘go viral’).
    you will do better to stick to the stronger material as seen by the masses.

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