Lil Wayne possessed at the 2010 grammys

Gamma115 asked:

Lil Wayne trying to invoke demonic possession at the 2010 Grammy's?. He head shakes as he throws the devil horns hand sign. He apparently likes to show his allegiance to the devil/lucifer with the hand sign that all the popular "artists" like to do nowadays. If you doubt this, you should watch the THE INDUSTRY series and start with part 1: also check out some great related videos like: Satanic Agenda in Their Own Words -Music Industry Lil Wayne's On Fire A Video About Occult Initiation Lil Wayne Exposed Music: Hiphop is dead, and Puppet Lil Wayne, SHARED Hip Hop Occult Hip Hop Hijacked by Freemasons Hip Hop the Satanic Connection and Sacrifice Professor Griff discussing occult rituals in hip hop ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the comments saying this video is sped up, see the raw footage w/ audio and see eminems lips match the words at 32 seconds: Compare...this is the same speed as the original. Yes em was tightened-up and rapping that fast, and wayne was tightened-up and practically having a seizure lol. I only SLOWED it down at parts to focus on what he was doing.


  1. SXSic

    thats illuminati symbolism.. always knew he was pledged to their allegience. then again there isnt that many people left in mainstream rap who arent controlled by them.

  2. pGh412KiDD

    this is sooo stupid. anything anybody famous does anymore becomes some kind of conspiracy crap. uggg

  3. Fanman541

    @makester23 straight up lie……you can question some people….but lil wayne, drake, jayZ, lady gaga, and rihannah make it SOOOOOOO easy for you to notice. a baby would be able to recognize it if he knew about the whole thing.

  4. LoneYukon

    @Zavon415 I, for one would like to welcome our new superhero overlords….wonder if anyone can hook me up with Cat Woman, she’s kinda hot!

  5. MantisGr33n

    Not possession its quite clearly matching the syncopation of syllables in em’s lyrics, Em raps hella fast lol I guess he is being possessed by em’s lyrics

  6. 365funnyvids

    lmao lil wayne is demon possesed so is nicki minaj the demon in her name is roman. Get it romans revenge. She even talked about it on a interview. You have to be blind literally not to notice this stuff.. If you reading this I pray that God Open your eyes to the truth. Jay-z makes a song called lucifer for no reason..lmao my ass he does

  7. XXXfrmnghnly

    are you fucking kidding me? He was moving to the pace of the rap you moron. Waynes a fucking beast he deserves respect doe  \m/

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