1. eskoturn5000

    @joshubut he worships satan thats for sure go look at the lalala nd hypnotized video all worship

  2. JRCali6D9

    Oh it’s real and y’all better believe it coming from the background I do with God all of that world is controlled when you go big in the music industry or hollywood for that matter they own you

  3. joetownhound011

    @14Mrmarioish what??? the five pointed star did not originate from no satanic occults. the pentacle did, but not the five pointed star. (there’s a difference). just because it’s inverted doesn’t mean it’s satanic. For example the Union Army 1st Division Badge, VII Corps star was inverted too does that make the Union Army satanic also???

  4. franz909

    None of these Symbols come from the Hood , so any idiot show realize the ” Entertainment “Industry is behind the creative Control and are injecting these Symbols to push their Agenda … so it doesn’t matter what the “Artist” Believes , he can say he believes in “God” one day than put out a Video the next day with OCCULT Symbolism , Free Mason or Bahpomet .

    The ” Entertainment ” Industry CONTROLS virtually EVERYTHING these sell outs SAY , Do , rap or flash .

  5. starkillerhater

    @TheCordell420 dude your r dumb as fuck they worship the devil probably u ginna grow in the illumanti

  6. tlam15

    @viperlove98 how can you be so sure? did GOD tell you? just because he say he believe in something doesnt mean you have to believe

  7. cityking9ne

    @rkxs9662 Yeah true but you got to remember they are from Louisiana which is notorious for voodoo, so they beleive in other thins too.

  8. rkxs9662

    When i went to lil waynes concert he said i beleive in God and he also has a song called pray to the lord and he is also a catholic (it was written on his jail ID) so i doubt he worships the devil….

  9. TheGuanaco12

    @Viperlover98 show me lil Wayne saying that??? You know it’s bullshit!! So stfu unless you show me a video I’ll believe your fake ass and lil Wayne

  10. PrettiBoySwagNigga

    okaii i believe in god and all that we shuldnt worrie bout damn rappers! We need 2 worri bout wats goin on politics thee government doin stupid shiit! and obama thrown uhp satanic sighns and sayn christian r terrosts wtf !? or dont worrie bout anything nd jus let the new world happne and we get tortured or some shiit listen 2 lupe fiasco i rep tha rapper speaks the truth! as long as i go 2 heaven idc bout this really buht id yur n adult yuh can change thee world!

  11. ItsTabithaParker

    this is stupid.. like seriously wtff that sign does not me he worships the devil? in fact he says stuff about God and “thank God” and stuff like that in his songs. all rappers throw up hand signs. that dont mean crap.

  12. HueyFreemanFuckYoBit

    U dumb ass fuck you don’t know anything about the Illuminati birdman just reppin bloods witt that tat on his temple he ain’t worshipin shit !neither is weezy! BITCH NIKKUH!

  13. lil darlin

    i hope is damn true, i surely belief dat cos, even his tattoo also implies dat n his behavour too and de wy he react n even his dressing also count i blame dat he needs deliverance and also stp selling his damn soul to de devil n take JESUS CHRIST as his personal saviour he shuld confess his sin n pray to God for his mercy n forgiveness

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