1. Agaetis1811

    i actually wish this video stayed banned, because there’s too much speculation in it. it’s mainly a joke video anyway. i’m not going to defend it, so… you win?


    I think the Illuminati may exist, but a lot of this stuff seems biased and sort of “right place at the right time”. Maybe the reasons a lot of people are wearing that watch is because they like it and its popular. And that hand sign that he uses as a phone? me and my friends use that sign all the time … just pretending we were on the phone. I am a fan of Justin.I am a guy. I am not defending but what does any of that have to do with anything? i get the pictures in the beginning but after that?

  3. missAmazinGirls

    I do all these hand signals….does that mean I’m in the freaking illuminati??? No.

  4. rawrawgirl2012

    (continued) do to “the Ra”. But I think Jesus nor the Ra(who reincarnated as Edgar Cayce to the present day David Wilcock) were meant to be worshiped and revered but respected as teachers that help us on the way to a better life for Mother Earth as a whole. Do not fear because that is what you become victim to if you keep it up. Be thankful for your blessings and love each other as mirror images. We are ALL CONNECTED! Peace!

  5. rawrawgirl2012

    (Sorry for preaching but the main goal of these videos are to inform.)To get others to change we need to change ourselves first. Our bad habits of fearing, judging, and consumering the stuff that leads to our downfall as a human race. Go vegetarian, vegan, and then raw vegan to see how your thinking and lifestyle are changed for the better. We are all connected and I am a follower of Christ but I believe he was more of a respected teacher then a dead body that is worshipped like the Illuminati.

  6. rawrawgirl2012

    No but the symbols are similar and apparent through out Korean popular music and Japanese popular music too. The hand signals, the eye and all that crap. Even at my brother’s high school graduation, they did the hand triangle as an “inside joke” and now I know what it means 4 years later. The Illuminati is everywhere and the only way we can stop them is through changing ourselves. They are an inner reflection of ourselves and to do that you must find yourself and be self actualized.

  7. GotEggNog

    He still makes way more moeny then everyone here.

    Plus peopel who are athesit don’t beleive in god in GENERAL my gosh just becuase he did a triangle he is illuminati?

    I am eating doritos, is that illuminati?

  8. 1foggel1

    i knew justing bieber was illuminati before watching this, nobody gets that famous that fast adn sings those crappy song…

  9. waipahu96797boi


  10. danielj761

    you say its really up to the viewer to interpret what is shown…. hardly anyone is interpreting him as an illuminati so i guess it really doesnt matter what symbols hes putting up because no one sees them like that anyway so whats it matter.

  11. redhandstv

    please tell me ur are paid by the government to put out disinfo. I think you need to study this stuff a little more some of the stuff you pointed out is just incorrect

  12. Amessagehidden

    WARNING!!! When you reverse, “Baby, baby, baby oh, I thought you’d always be mine, baby baby baby oh, like baby” it becomes “YOUR MONEY NOW REAPS THE WORLD, JUSTIN B, OBEY SATAN. THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, WORLD, NEW WORLD, NEW”

    Don’t believe me? I made a video with all the proof you need. This is by far the creepiest thing I have every heard in my life! Click on my name and watch the vid..

  13. MrMike0113

    Some pretty…tenuous links here. Also, the background music was totally irrelevant and needlessly dramatic.

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