Justin Bieber’s (Bad) Message? [ Justin Bieber / Selena Gomez / Illuminati Symbolism / Eugenics ]

Agaetis1811 asked:

illuminatisymbolism.wordpress.com This video is several years old, and originally clocked in at 200000 views. This is what started that "JB is illuminati" rumor, which he had to address on twitter. lollll


  1. missAmazinGirls

    You know how many times I made that “shout” simple when I was younger?? Gosh… -__-
    He’s pointing at the screen because he’s singing to the girl who broke his heart. It’s as simple as that…

  2. XxYlenniaXx

    please re upload the second part or unblock it from Peru, i really want to see what it contains but i can’t due to copyright? Please please please unblock it. I’d really like to see what it has

  3. Amessagehidden

    If you want to hear what it really says, go to my channel, I have the clearest and best version on the web. I filtered out 90% of the back round noise so you only really hear the voices. I slowed it down to 2 speeds, 1x and 2x… the 2x is the creeepiest. That is the most clear, bone chilling… well you see for yourself.. but it says something way different than this guys

  4. Truth361

    “Justin Bieber, this is hiphop, not hip-pop, stop with the kids bop” (;
    Hiphop artist right here, check out my music on my channel
    I don’t rap about money, cars, hoes, fame, I rap about REALITY.

    – “Truth”

  5. v3rit3

    God’s Kingdom is a heavenly government with Jesus Christ as King. He will soon destroy human governments, and the earth will become a paradise. – Psalms 103:19; Daniel 2:44; Jeremiah 10:11. God’s purpose to make the earth a paradise will be fulfilled. — Genesis 2:8 - 9; Isaiah 46:11 In the coming new world, God will bestow many blessings on mankind. – Psalms 37:29, 72:16; Revelation 21:4; Isaiah 33:24, 35:5 – 6.

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